Age of Triumph – Completing Challenge Modes for the AoT Book

Good Morning Guardians,

With just over 3 weeks away until we get our Light on the book I just wanted to stick a pin in the Challenge modes we have left before Kings Fall is brought up to speed

Due to the Raids ALL becoming up to current Light Levels, it may be much easier for you to complete the challenges of Kings Fall over the coming weeks rather than waiting until all 3 are open

In the ways of Old

One of the completion Nodes in the Raid page is to own '9 Challenge Emblems' which equates to atleast 1 completion of EVERY Challenge mode which will be in the game.

Please Note – You can complete the Challenge Mode on either difficulty (Normal/Hard) and get rewards. However, you only get the emblem when you complete the Challenge on HARD difficulty.

So if you are chasing that 100% Completion, getting these done is essential and maybe some of the most challenging parts of the book

14/03/17 – Reset 21/03/17 – AKSIS & ORYX Challenge

With ToM not working with the Blessing of Light Buff as effectivley as before, it's worth noting that Hard hitting Snipers / Sleeper Sim make very light work of the Ogres – Staggering them with each precision hit, not to mention the shade can be taken down very quickly if fire is concentrated well. Oryx himself too is easier to stun the faster you shoot into that chest opening

21/03/17 – Reset 28/03/17 – VOSIK & WARPRIEST Challenge

If your Guardians are of 400 Light Level Warpriest can be '1 Phased' – My team managed to down him with 3 stacks remaining making light work of the Challenge Mode

28/03/17 – Release of AoT – AKSIS & GOLGOROTH Challenge

If your Guardians are of 400 Light Level Golgoroth can be '1 Phased' – My Team managed to down him with a couple of seconds remaining on the First Gaze grab. Do this and the Challenge will be completed without everyone needing to hold the Gaze for it's duration

If you are unsure on the Kings Fall Challenge Modes, look no further. Link to – Planet Destiny Kings Fall Challenge Guides which details and covers all 3 Challenges

For Wrath of the Machine Challenge Help / Details (I am including this because with the abundance of returning players, new guys may be all over LFG looking to get these done for the first time) –

Link to – Vosik Challenge Details

Link to – AKSIS Challenge details

Need some help to complete the Challenges? Check out –

Ba'Con through to the other side

Now in the original Stream, we know that the older Raids (Vault of Glass & Crota) will be released at their updated levels for general play one after each other (Crota first, VoG Second) so this says to me that Kings Fall will remain at its OLD level until it's the 'Raid of the Week' from Reset 11/04/17 leaving a further 2 weeks open to complete it's individual challenges at Old Levels thus obtaining some of the Challenge Emblems required for the AoT book

As this is speculation on my part I have not added in the 2 weeks further on from the release of AoT incase KF is automatically increased but if it were the case, that's a further Oryx & Warpriest / Vosik & Aksis up for grabs with KF being at OLD Light Levels


Next week the Sandbox update should be the most interesting of the 3 Streams, I love the Hype and content but what actually effects our game at it's heart with weapons and abilities is all apart of what makes it what it is

Have a Guiness on me this weekend, Guardians

Happy St Patricks Day!

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