After running some numbers, let’s talk archery.

Flawless Crossbow + Razor Bolts = ~71 damage per shot (base) Hyrkanian Bow + Razor Arrows = ~63 damage per shot (base) Ancient KhOPesh = 76 damage per swing (base)

While much more difficult to obtain than the Meme-tier Ancient KhOPesh, it's only hitting for 4 less damage (not accounting for the slight variations in arrow damage).

Now, you might ask, "But Voltain, the KhOPesh is so easy to get, why bother blowing through tons of T4 carpenters for 2-3 days to get yourself something that isn't even as good as the KhOPesh?"

Answer; range gives you some cheeky options.

So, as an archer, your objective is to turn your enemies into your personal pin cushion from a distance. If you count on almost constantly being in a group, allowed to relax in the backline without much threat from the KhOPesh-brandishing enemy forces, you can actually invest in Accuracy without getting punished too harshly, provided you don't play like an idiot.

So, each point in accuracy grants us 1% increased damage with our weapons. That's .7 on a flawless Xbow, and .6 on a hykranian bow. Ideally, we'll have ourselves a Flawless xbow ASAP. So .7 per point.

We also need to take into account that the KhOPesh inflicts roughly 36 damage per attack VS heavy armor; 3 points in vitality = 1 more hit we can tank from a khOPesh in case we mess up. We also need to further take into account that as an archer, we're going to be sprinting around a LOT, and that we cannot fire our crossbow when out of stamina, so having a bit of grit would also be nice.

The numbers

  • With 0 Acc: 73 damage per shot
  • With 5 Acc: 76 damage per shot
  • With 10 Acc: 80 damage per shot
  • With 15 Acc: 83 damage per shot
  • With 20 Acc: 87 damage per shot
  • With 25 Acc: 90 damage per shot
  • With 30 Acc: 94 damage per shot
  • With 35 Acc: 97 damage per shot
  • With 40 Acc: 101 damage per shot
  • With 45 Acc: 104 damage per shot
  • The glass cannon; with 50 Acc: 107 damage per shot.

The average decent PvPer will have between 620 and 764 HP, and be mitigating about half of all incoming damage with their armor. With zero accuracy, assuming roughly 40 damage per shot (after factoring in armor), that's between a 16 and a 19 shot kill.

Assuming the 19 shot kill… let's see what numbers are best for us?

With 10 accuracy, each shot is going to inflict 4 additional damage on our 19, with 76 additional damage over the course of our 19 shots. By the 18th shot, our foe will be dead.

This pattern actually repeats itself, shaving roughly one shot off of the kill for every ten points in accuracy, down to a minimum of 14 shots to kill a fully armored opponent with 46 vitality, and 11 shots to kill a fully armored opponent with 35 vitality.

Now, it's also about 13 swings to drop someone with a KhOPesh, but for us… if we're dropping in 11 shots, we're getting dropped by a KhOPesh in 5-6.

Is the 40 accuracy meme dream worth trying out? In the hands of a competent archer, is there any hope? I wonder…

This truly highlights the disparity between Strength/Accuracy and Vitality.

When the top tier weaponry gains between .6 and .7 damage per point investment, but you gain 12 points of mitigation per point investment into defense, is it even worth the trade off?

EDIT: I'm making a separate thread about this disparity, though it's probably been done before.

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