After 69 hours of gameplay I want to give my feedback to FunCom

I've played this game like an addict in the past few days. Here's my opion. I won't address any bugs in this post, as it will be solved sooner or later anyways.

My favourite parts of the game (please don't change the core of it):

  • Limitation to only medieval equipment and structures

  • Magical/mystical content that isn't oversaturated (similar to Elder Scrolls)

  • Building is very diverse and creative

  • Capturing thralls is a very cool feature

  • The graphics, art and modeling are fantastic

  • Nudity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What I dislike and needs to be changed:

  • Fighting mechanics – at the moment the only way to fight is to spam the left mouse button untill your enemy is dead.

  • When I'm not blocking with shield it should still prevent some damage if attacks against me are hitting on the part where my shield is.

  • Some mobs are broken, spiders – they are too accurate when shooting and the stacking poison + crippled movement makes you unable to run away from them, unless there is an edge you can jump off.

  • There should be other ways of breaking into bases than rushing to level 30. By the time you reach level 30 most of the bases are upgraded to stonebrick, and the ones who aren't – are new and have nothing valuable in them. I would like to see something like making single-use picklocks that have a small chance of opening enemy doors. It would take a long time for the picklock to open a door, and you would need lots of them to get through all doors you face. I leave this to you to figure out a good and balanced mechanic.

  • Currently the most effective way of leveling is killing antelopes. It is low risk high reward and there's nothing interesting about it. I leave it to you to figure out more challenging ways to make leveling interesting.

  • Obtaining land is an issue. People can make standing torches/campfires/foundations and build them across various areas of land making them claimed. This can be abused too well and easily.

  • Currently people are building their base on top of cliffs so they can break one piece of stairs and make it unaccesable to other people whenever they want. Implementing siege ladders would greatly solve the problem as well as it would make people build higher and more awesome walls.

  • Solo playing has no benefits when compared to clans. There should be some negative aspects about being in a clan, to make it more fair for the people who are playing alone.

  • People who don't have much time to play the game because of school / work should have an option to play on special servers with an attribute of making bases not destroyable when offline (if you have been offline for at least 1 hour people can't break your stuff).

I probably forgot something. Hope this feedback can help tho, good luck FunCom.

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