After 350 hours Here are my Top concerns.

Let me start off by saying thank you for the game, it COULD be great. Thank you for the time and effort you put into attempting to fix things but i have some doubts / issues that really concern me.

I think some thought needs to be put into if you want your players to stay playing NOW or if you want 90% of them to quit and maybe never come back.

Things that REALLY tilt me about this game so far.

1) Thrall camp issues. It seems to me just disabling player structures from causing them to not spawn IN THE FIRST PLACE seems like a much easier AND FASTER fix even if only temporary. Currently this is 90% of the complaints i see on servers. Patch notes said things where done to fix this and i see 0 change in anything. I can still place foundations close to camps, it still breaks camps etc… I am not sure what the FIX you put out even did to be honest.

2) Foundation Spam. While this seems like its easy to deal with as a player, i can assure you 3 of us make runs around the whole map clearing this shit out is annoying. Some end up INSIDE the ground. Others ON TOP of pillars that are IMPOSSIBLE to build up to. you use to be-able to BOOST your buddy up there and take them out but NOW even before explosives where fixed you remove THE ONLY WAY players had to get to higher areas where shit like this is placed. Whats the ETA on siege ladders? so that means bases will be un-raidable except for gods for what weeks? months? If you ask me the "exploit" to jump should STAY IN until you have a replacement for players to get to high locations.

3) Exploit urgency. How much development time have you spent on this Jump Exploit vs the Rope exploit and the explosive exploit? Especially the Explosive exploit. Is it really that hard to make it RETURN 0 materials when you demolish it as a quick fix? It seems like your trying to find the perfect way to fix some of these things instead of something that WORKS FOR NOW while you have PLAYERS WAITING WEEKS.

4) Thrall/NPC's of many kinds JUST DIE when you walk a bit further then render away. So some noob runs through one of the few Thrall camps that spawn and they all fall over dead after they are out of render. Leaving the camp looking barren and waiting for re spawns on the few thralls that are left in the game atm.

5) Server stability. I know you guys are working on this but it feels like you come out with a patch and for 3-5 days the servers crash every 30 minutes to an hour. It takes 10 minutes for the server to show online and another 10 for it to start loading people into the game. that is 10 playable minutes to 40 playable minutes PER HOUR that your servers are up. That is pretty bad. Considering ALL of your servers are doing this i would think you would have ALL THE LOGGING that you need to figure out why.

6) Patches. I know some private server owners cried over how often you guys did patches early on and you said "we will try not to patch so often". That has to be the WORSE thing i have ever heard. If you think you have an exploit or problem solved patched the damn servers with it. I would rather 5 patches a day then waiting 5 days for one patch that breaks shit and another 5 days until that broken shit gets fixed. We crash 20 + times a day right now anyway so whats the difference.

Things i thank you for fixing. 1) Logging/Loading and walking through walls seems to be less of an issue now. 2) Admin power exploits/glitches 3) Console command exploits/glitches

maybe there are some more things i forgot here but these where the only ones i cared that you fixed that you have fixed so far.

TLDR: I have watched 10+ of my friends stop playing this game with a "We MIGHT come back if they fix the broken shit" sort of attitude. I completely understand. No one wants to play a game that doesn't work or has loads of cheats/exploits EVEN IF IT IS EA. i mean you pay $30 for a game you don't give 2 craps if it say EA or not you expect SOMETHING PLAYABLE that isn't going to waste HOURS and DAYS of your time to bugs and exploits. (PVP is a different story).

Is there more? sure i have loads to say but these are the things i care about most. I could go on about building issues and pvp issues etc but the focus should really be on the things i listed here.. in my opinion of course.

One last message for the "its early access" crowed. YES I KNOW. That doesn't mean you can't expect a playable enjoyable experience.

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