After 1200 Hours on XB, Starting Out Fresh on PS4 Has Been Sobering

I am completely out of touch. I am the Destiny equivalent of the rich asshole who's response to a poor, struggling single mom is to just "go make more money". I realized this after I recently found a PS4 on sale at a local pawn shop for a ridiculously low price. I made the decision to get it. I mean, I know how to play Destiny. I can get a character to 400 light pretty quickly and then I get double the activities every week. Plus, it's probably the only way I'll get the Jade Rabbit. Turns out, I'm an idiot.

On my Xbox account, I have every exotic item unlocked in my kiosk (except Necrochasm which I'm working on) including all armor. Across three characters I have about 200 exotic shards, 600 strange coin, 1000 motes, thousands of weapon and armor parts and I have about 300,000 glimmer in the vault in the form of items. I have over 100 different weapons in my vault at 400 light. The other day I decrypted and deleted 20 exotic engrams when I found out there would be no light level increase at the end of the month. On Xbox, I'm a Destiny gazillionaire.

This PS4 adventure has made me realize how spoiled I am. I decided to start out playing it straight. I would play through the story missions in order, obtaining stuff as I go. After grinding from level 1 to 40 (I'll save my sparks for 2nd and 3rd toons) I finally got my first exotic. The Eternal Warrior Titan helmet is pretty much useless but I was so proud of it that I wore it everywhere. I was that guy everyone was laughing it in the crucible throwing hammers with a helmet that unlocks Unstoppable for Fist of Havoc. It dropped at 308. I then got a blue helmet at 318. I had to stop wearing my exotic helmet because I didn't have a shard to use to infuse it. At one point I absent-mindedly went to the kiosk to buy more shards with the Thunderlord trick. When I opened up my kiosk and saw all engrams, I felt like I had been robbed. All my shit was gone. I realized I was like the two old dudes from Coming to America. It wouldn't have mattered, I didn't have enough motes and glimmer to be doing something so lavish as buying shards.

It wasn't until I got to the RoI story missions that things started to turn around. I'm now starting to put my life together. I scraped together enough strange coins to by a few packs of Three of Coins and a Telesto (my first exotic weapon). I even bought myself a Wormwood so I can be like some of the cool kids in the Crucible. I may never get to the point where I'm complaining that Amanda isn't selling the last ship I need for 2500 oh-so-precious Glimmer but I'm gonna be someone on PS4 someday. You just wait and see. Probably, it wlll be a week from when D2 launches.

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