Advanced Templar relic holder strategy. Boss dead under 2 minutes with any class

Hey /r/DTG.

Like many of you I am excited for 390 VoG release today. And while waiting to get home and play I’ve been watching some streams on Twitch.

That was fun and all, but the thing that got my attention the most was how people deal with Templar challenge. Most teams I’ve watched split into two groups (one for both teleport locations) and then juggle between defender and relic holder bubbles. Meanwhile everybody else focuses adds intstead of shooting the boss. Not very effective, right?

So I want to share this one trick I learned way back in y1. It puts a little more pressure on relic holder, but you don’t have to worry about adds at all, and other 5 team members can shoot Templar nonstop without worrying about anything else.

How, you ask? You can watch a video here or read this:

  1. First, you send 1 person to get a relic, the other 5 hide behind pillars near the spawn area. Like this.
  2. Then you kill oracles as usual. Relic holder can get both left and right hidden oracles.
  3. As soon as relic holder have their super charged, they have to take Templar’s shield off.
  4. 5 other guardians start to damage boss. And nothing else, no adds or anything. Just stay alive and shoot him from behind the starting pillars.
  5. With his shiled down, Templar will randomly choose which side to move to. Relic should jump there and hold ‘Cleanse’ (grenade) button and wait for teleport circle to despawn.
  6. Templar then tries to move to another side. And this is where magic happens. The relic holder rotates and covers both teleport locations. Usually you want to go another side through back spawn area (behind pillars) to avoid damage and for better timing (see below). So, from left side to right you should take this route. And this one when moving from right to left.
  7. In teleport circle wait for boss or add to start attacking you, then press ‘Cleanse’.
  8. Repeat 6-7 until boss is dead.
  9. Profit.

Some things to note:

  • Relic holder should have Tier 5 discipline to minimize Cleanse cooldown. Other than that, there’re no requirements, any class can do it.
  • Relic holder should try to jump to teleport circle by the end of the time, when it’s active. That way, they use less Cleanse energy to guard the point and should have another Cleanse ready for next rotation.

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