Admins need better tools to run their servers PERIOD.

I know there are a lot of post saying this but none have had a response from the developers. Please let us know and put our minds at ease that we will be getting more tools, better admin functions to run our servers. I don't want to reiterate what others have stated in the wish list but please Funcom, we are dying out here. We need ways to do research or look into an issue.

Not in specific order:

  1. Must have a "prod" tool to figure out who owns what foundation. This is so we can know who spams foundations on the map and we can address them to not do that (if that is the servers rules, which most would love that because it would cause less overall lag).

  2. A way for admins to open chests, benches, everything to view its contents. Again, admins that do not abuse their community still need these things to check on cheaters etc. It is a must.

  3. Better working invisibility – well , because it doesn't even work. We must be able to watch a player and their actions, fix the view player command to not show through their eyes where the helmet gets in the way.

  4. Teleport to player in one command function, I hate viewing the player, then teleporting through their eyes … then viewing me again. Come on … simple things that admins need should already be in the game.

  5. speed increase on flying or "ghost" as admin. It is painfully slow. I need to check the map for stupidly placed foundations or to remove houses that havent been used / raided because the optimization of the game is coming along slowly (but surely). We admins want to keep a stable and fun server for people to enjoy.

There are others but the other posts sum it up as well … just something to tell us you are working on it. It should be priority after you fix the other exploit issues.

Thanks for reading. Draktyr

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