Addons: For Dungeons ! (a few you dont know)

Ah let me open the addon floodgates:

Below are 35 of the most usefull Dungeon Specific addons i have enabled while doin dungeons.
If you have any questions about how to setup a specific addon, let me know !

A must have if you have this many addons, the best Addon Controller addon:
Even lets you load addons WITHOUT having to /reload ~!!!

For Mythic +

  1. Astral Keys – Tells you what Mythic+ key guildies have, and if they did +10 this week. (looks beautiful)
  2. Angry Keystones – Adds extra information to the Mythic+ Tracker menu (ChestTime, deaths etc)
  3. Keystone Commander – What Mythic+ keys guildies have, and extra AP/hour info + their highest key.
  4. MythicPlusTimer – A cleaner mythic + timer
  5. Mythic Plus Helper – The most indepth addon to check your groups(or people in queue) potential
  6. KeyBooster 2.0 – Puts the keys people whisper to you in the queue frame ! 🙂
  7. Keystone Expander – when showing a key in chat, tells you bit more info about it.
  8. Keystone Helper – Explains the affixes for a key in the tooltip
  9. Lazy Keystones – When you interact with keystone pedestal, auto drags your key into it.

Groupfinder Filters /Inspect your group

  1. Premade Filter – Helps you filter for (only show group with 0 tanks and 1 healer etc )
  2. Group History – Had that awesome healer in a party but forgot his name? this remembers groups.
  3. O itemlevel – Shows you itemlevel + enchants on your character, and can do MUCH more. (raidchecks)
  4. Character Links – Best link addon, shows Armory/Wowprogress/Mythic+helper and much more
  5. Premade Groups Filter – Another group filter addon, can filter bosses killed.
  6. Group Finder Silence – When a new person joins your queue, only rings ONCE and then shuts up.
  7. Remember Declined – When you get declined from a group, it will remember this with a red X

Specific Dungeon Helpers

  1. Aye.CosSpy – Helps with finding the Spy in Court of stars before last boss. VERY handy 😮 (need both addons )
  2. CoS Helper – Helps you in Court of Stars by telling on tooltip who can use those buff items.

Artifact Power Help

  1. New Openables – One button to open all the AP you get from dungeons etc ! 🙂
  2. Base AP – Addon that shows you how much AP your AP tokens are worth. Without AK.
    That way you wont be fooled into another "ooooh look at that big number " 13 million (1100 ap)
  3. APTokenPercent – Tells you how much % an AP token is for your next weapon rank 🙂 0.0001%

General Help

  1. Details – DPS METER (also includes a threathmeter like Omen)
  2. SavedInstances – Tells you what dungeons you are locked for.
  3. Deadly Boss Mods – Tells you when bosses are going to use abilities
  4. GTFO – Addon that makes a sound if you stand in bad stuff
  5. WeakAura's – Addon used for tracking cooldowns visually + sound. But can do much more.
  6. SatchelScanner – Alerts you if there is a Satchel for your role! (Never miss those free AP satchels)
  7. Bonus Roll Preview – Shows a window that tells you what loot you can bonus roll on this boss.
  8. Fatality – Tells chat when someone dies, and by what. (If twas melee, probably aggro?)
  9. Otis – Small addon, adds up and down buttons in Encounter Journal
  10. BossesKilled – Shows you what bosses you killed next to raidfinder frames
  11. Adventure Guide Saved Instances – Does what the name says. Shows lockout in adventure guide.
  12. WhoLusted – Tells you who used bloodlust/timewarp
  13. BossPull – THE MOST EXACT BOSS PULL ADDON. Who ninja pulled? this addon knows by the millisecond
  14. Leaderchange – Whenever you become the party leader, audio sound "I AM the WARCHIEF"

These are just 35 out of the 128 i have enabled when doing dungeons, but these are the most usefull and specific to dungeons I hope some of these addons were new to you, if so my job is complete 😀

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