Add Survival Aspects

Something that a lot of survival games lack, is actual survival. I know this game is early access, but I'd like to suggest some things which you should consider. Survival shouldn't be only about players and mobs. Not asking to add all of this, but here are some ideas.

Food Preservation

Unless it's honey, there should be no food that lasts indefinitely. Give us containers which store food and further preserve them. Pottery could be used for this purpose. Additionally, give us ways to smoke food, so we can take them as we travel. We shouldn't be walking around with cooked meat, that should spoil rather quickly. Pemmican anyone?


Allow us to make better and more complex foods, requiring various amounts of ingredients. Not so they can give you increased saturation, food points, or even water, but instead give you the right nutrients to be alive, healthy, and strong.


Nutrition should be a system which forces you to eat higher quality foods and different types of foods or else you'd receive penalties, and even death. Ignoring your nutritional needs should make you weak, doing less damage, having less stamina, having less health, and if you continue to ignore it, you will die.

Lower quality foods can have an increased nutrition if you eat while sitting on a chair.


Eating very nutritious foods should make you get layers of fat. Your character should visually change and you will get slower, having less stamina if you get too big. However this opens the window of fasting. When your hunger is low, you will burn a layer of fat which will replenish your hunger.


Healing shouldn't just be done overtime or though potions. We should also be able to heal from a bed, crafted bandages, etc.


Warmth system is going to be added, so it would be good if players who are wet can get cold, even rarely sick, which could be cured with crafted medicine.


Add more storms which make you get wet and cold. You can even add hail which require you to take shelter or you take damage. Even lightening storms which can potentially zap a person to death.

Animal Traps

We should put out traps and catch animals over a period of time with them. Unfortunately animals would have to be rebalanced with this since they're currently abundant and provide way too much food. These traps should fail occasionally and players should even be able to steal them.

Water Storage & Purification

We should be boiling water and storing it or we can risk getting sick, which in return will make is more dehydrated. Wells should be a late game feature.


Allow us to steal farm animals from npc villages so we can farm them for resources. Even allow us to farm crops for food and herbs for alchemy.

(to be continued)

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