Add Damage Threshold for Bases’s as option in Server Settings

An issue I have with the game is that, although its genre and design is meant for base building and base destroying, your base can be completely destroyed which can take days or weeks to prepare, just to vanish. I personally don't have much of an issue, but I think it should be an option disabled upon server emergence, as a choice for how chaotic the server administrators want it to be.

My regulating suggestion is that, Server's can dictate how much damage an entire base, all its hit points totaled, can amass before the base becomes invulnerable for anywhere between 12-72 hours.

For example. Your entire base, from the Foundations, Benches, and Thralls total 200,000 HP. The Server is PvP, with Avatar's allowed, but the Admin's decided to make their DT 25% for 24 hours. Thus, when you're Raided by anybody the countdown for you starts, and for the next 24 hours, you will only be able to lose only 50,000 HP.

Typically bases don't need to be assailed much to loot it entirely, but giving Server's the choice to regulate their PvP, Player's will be even more enticed to better defend their bases, and remove the grievances (Salt) that Player's deal with because something is in place protecting you a bit, so you can't complain much to begin with.

Agree, disagree, giving Server operators this option in Server Configuration would be a healthy step for creating environments to better suit certain Player's appetites.

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