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Hey guys, just another server blacklist thread here. So hard finding a good server without abusive admins at this point lol. But anyways, this abuse has been ongoing since the day I arrived at this server. I joined up with a clan of 5-6 guys, through the steam discussion threads, they hit me up with the server, and I was set. One of my friends also joined with me. Within the first hour of being on server, an “officer” (Who strongly persisted that he doesn’t have admin powers) camped my friend and I outside of our clans base. As they were going out to shoo him away, the Admin (owner) Teleports him away. This was probably the first sign that we were going to have some issues on the server.

Fast forward a day or two. My friend and I are adventuring north west ish, near the Mitra shrine, only to come across the same officer that was camping us, unconcious. On his body, he had spawned in admin foundations/walls/ceilings, as well as spawned in Glimmers (A modded op sword). So, this was flag number two. We think to ourselves, that this officer who Doesn’t have admin power, or access toanything of the such has all of this spawned in stuff, and carelessly logs out with it, unprotected, in the middle of a desert. What’s to say this same officer isn’t hoarding spawned in items in his base? So we tested the waters, and raided another officers base that turned out to not be his. Within the 10 minute time frame of raiding this base, there was an officer there, that we killed, who kept respawning. He/she eventually typed in local “help, im being raided” .There was noone else remotely close to the base that could of seen local chat, so we assume he/she mistyped and meant it to be in guild chat. Out of nowhere, an Admin by the name of Herald appeared. Chased us out, and perceded to make up a rule on the spot of how we cannot come back to their base as we can only raid someone once a day to allow a rebuild. I’d like to remind you that this was in a 10 minute time frame

So I responded with “Since when? that’s not in the rules.”

His response: “I’m a SA, I just said it.” “If you come back anymore I’m going to wipe everything you looted from the raid”

Cool. So we were done for the night because they cried stop.

We set our 24hour clocks and logged off.

Fast forward to the next day, we’re going to raid again.

My friend and I farmed most of the day for explosives. We raid maybe 3~ bases. (one of them being the base belonging to the Officer who was in question in the beginning.

As we’re calming down, heading back to base with our spoils, the same officer types in chat “Who raided us?” and also starts talking about it in the server discord. Little do they know, we’re in the server discord and can see everything they say. In the end, we didn’t find anything out of the ordinary that you couldn’t obtain from farming at this Officers base.

However, I standby my philosophy in that raiding an admins base is probably the best first step you can take to being on a community server, as it shows how toxic, unprofessional, and abusive they can be. Or if they can handle it.

I’ll give you a glimpse of how they “handled” it.

( Staficus is the officer from the beginning ) (and salt is also an addition to the mod on the server)

From there, they banded together with the rest of the server (all admins, all officers, and 1-2 clans of 2-3 people) to “wipe” us as they would call it. Just to get back a sword that we took during the raid from Staficus. (Called a bone sword, does over 100+ damage)

We knew this raid was bound to happen, so we enjoyed what little base defense we could do while they fumbled to get ahead. (It was just a clan member and I online at the time)

We defended our base with honor and dignity, and didn’t refrain to name call as the “staff” of the server did. (atleast not until the end of this story, we’ll get to it)

(Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that has no idea what gibberish he managed to type)

After everything was said and done, they had used the set avatar on us, they got 1/4 of our loot, they didn’t get the one thing they were after. Their bone sword. So I mentioned it in chat, asking if it was worth it. Only to be followed by a ban.

I did forget to mention that, the staff themselves didn’t abide by the same rule they enforced on us just 1 day before. They tried raiding us with explosives, and failed to do so. an hour and a half or so passes, and they bring out the avatar. But didn’t the Admin mention you can only attempt a raid once a day? Allowing time to rebuild? Weird.

I guess rules only apply sometimes.

Anyways, we’re going to be renaming our clan The Admin Killers so they at least have a heads up that they’re not invincible on the next community server we decide to join.

Sorry for the long post.

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