About combat and comments i heard this morning on twitch…

  1. Probably no blocking with weapons? this is a terrible decision, i hear them about wanting shields to have more of a impact in its role in the combat but to just flat out not allow blocking with a weapon is a very very bad move.

  2. Add in a shield bash move so playing with a shield has more purpose then just blocking, and again make it so if i time it right and hit them while they are in mid swing it will knock there weapon out of there hand, putting it into there inventory, not the ground cause IMO re-equipping something isnt so bad, but having to pick it up and re-equip it means you just died!

  3. If i side step a attack at the right time it should only use half the stamina it normally would. But side step hardly even works for me, even when i do it and i see nothing hit me i still take damage, this is a bug/glitch that needs to be fixed!

  4. Blocking in general needs to be better, if timed right the enemy should recoil and be put in a disoriented state for a brief moment, upon hitting someone with a HEAVY blow in a disoriented state it will knock them down. If just holding block and being hit the player should take chip damage.

  5. Add combo's that have certain effects. If i hit someone without out being hit or blocked during my combo IE: a light, light, heavy, it should disorient them OR Heavy, light, heavy. It should knock them down. And so on.

  6. (minor) Put some type of effect on heavy attacks, besides the fact that they hold there weapon longer before swings. Its hard to tell if its a heavy or light during PvP.

I feel these are some what simple things to add in and make the combat something with depth and skill, making you think when you fight not just swing like a… Barbarian. LUL.

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