About claim exploits and how to MAYBE solve them

I build myself a nice pretty fortress with towers and walls and a castle it wasnt big, it was as much as I needed. Knowing the community I also build in various places around cool looking towers so that nobody can claim territories right next to me so I can avoid conflict or exploits ( in my preview playthrough someone surrounded me with a wall…… ). I got raided the overnight… I thought enough is enough I build myself a little tower on a cliff so that I can lvl up faster and safely gather stuff so that I can rebuild with t2 materials. And then I noticed it, every cliff in my area had a foundation stuck in it. Of course I was furious because I couldnt build anything there. I started to roam around looking for some good spots to maybe hide , a cave, an isolated place , a valley and I noticed more and more of those foundations and wall which blocked the pathway and stairs which were built to be a shortcut and then it hit me.

Why not make a system which allows only for ONE landclaim. Imagine u start a game build a house and u claim a land. And thats it u cant build nowhere else just there where you started. Its good for many reasons.

1# players feel more attached to the place they have claimed 2# Players look carefully for a place to build a home and dont build randomy something anywhere 3# no roadblocks or pathways blocks 4# no shortcuts , stairs bridges and so on which block other players from entering faster because usually players build a door 5# no wall building around ur enemy or different ways to *%%((&^ with ur enemy

Ofc I understand someone would like to change his claim. There could be a system done where the player gives up his claim and then the decay system kicks in + all the buildings change to public ownership anyone can go in and use them or destroy them but cant stop it from decay.

I think that is a good option and Idea I hope some of you like it. I would really love to see that people pay attention to what they building because for now everybody just builds ugly outposts everywhere…

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