A theory to attempt to connect the dots (spoilers)

Alright, first off a moment of gratitude to guerilla for making an incredible game, and a moment of silence for the poor death of beautiful Elizabet, I hope she found the peace she wanted and if there is an afterlife, I hope she sees what she created.

Now, down to business on my theory. I've been doing a lot of reading into comments sections of theories, looking for small holes others found that I missed.

One of the things noted is that only 8 people died in GAIA primes main room by Ted Faro. There's only 8 corpses. There's a glitch in time inside the recording where someone disappears. First 9 people are choking in their chairs, then a glitch and their all dead, except one. Tate. The creator of Hades. I checked around, his body is no where. We have to believe he's alive, somewhere, somehow. His purpose is unknown, from the looks of it he thought Hades was "cool" but I don't believe he turned on Hades just to see what would happen. But we haven't seen the last of the "talk of Tate" as I'd like to call it. Maybe Ted enslaved him, maybe threw him into cryosleep, maybe just took his corpse and uploaded his brain somewhere I don't know.

Secondly, the link between the first glitch and the second. I believe they're iterations of the same thing. It's fairly clear that Ted Faro thought up the first glitch. He changed all his production lines to man made weapons, in which he states he's "exploiting a massive, uh… growth opportunity", which seems to be before the chariot line malfunctions, although there's no time stamps. There's also the note on the admin desk that speaks of attempting to aggravate clients to turn them against one and other, increasing profit lines. What a psycho amirite? Anyhow, in both glitches, the same thing happens. The robots become self aware, following their own desires and protocols instead of the protocols of their creators. This is spoken about by both gaia and elizabet, elizabet in regard to the glitch and gaia in regard to the unshackled subordinate functions, she calls them self aware entities of a highly chaotic nature. We see that in Hades, and we see that in Hephaestus. Hephaestus takes over functions at the cauldrons when he's released, creating the only two robots with guns (the weapons of the Faro plague) the thunderjaw and the ravager. He creates them to protect his robots from the humans. GAIA never had a problem with humans killing her robots, as far as she's concerned they're just tools. However, Hephaestus is those cauldrons. Those robots are an extension of him, like children. Fair enough that he'd want to protect them. I also believe that the original core of Hephaestus falls by the banuk tribe, as that core is identical to the core of hades, and calms all the metal creatures nearby. Unlike Hades, which unseated GAIA to do its job, Hephaestus worked in tandem with GAIA, which may explain why the core was still causing things to be peaceful, as GAIA May still have held premise there, at least until he uploaded himself to the cauldrons (via the log you find after completing the cauldrons)

Basically the theory is that the second glitch may have been caused by Ted Faro still being alive and seeing what humans were doing. He believed they were the cure, but they weren't. They wouldn't stop touching things, uncovering things, attempting to get into things. And GAIA let them. I believe that he used Tate's knowledge of hades and his glitch in an attempt to wipe the earth clean again, using all of Gaia's storage facilities afterward to build the world his way, probably without humans. I also believe that this is the last we've seen of Hades. Sylens has hindsight issues but he's not psychotic. I don't believe he'll allow Hades to live knowing what Hades wants to do to the planet. I believe he'll tear Hades apart, using Hades knowledge to awake that Horus Titan. What he'll use it for is anyone's guess, but if we're talking about Ted Faro wanting to destroy gaia and the earth to build his own, chances are we'll need a Titan to take that bastard down.

Please attempt to find holes in my theory, if I don't tick enough boxes, let me know. Thanks for reading 🙂


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