A thanks to Bungie

Its been a while since we woke up next to the old car, when things didn't make sense. 2 and a half years later, we have this great game that while it has had its ups and downs, has been a major part of what we play. All the friendships formed that started with a simple wave. All the late nights and emotions shared. Destiny has been great because Bungie made it so.

u/DeeJ_BNG and u/Cozmo_23 have taken the brunt of our frustrations and complaints and relayed them to the development teams. Hell Cozmo was one of us at one time and he moved on to join Bungie themselves. Both of these guys have gone out of their way for us to make things better and I appreciate them for that.

This game that has come a long way in the short time it has been around with people hating it completely to comparing other games against it and becoming extremely popular. The last two major updates to the game are for the players and while it was Ghost that said it, we all know it was Bungie that was really saying thanks for the time and money we have invested into their creation and for sticking by them this entire time. There aren't many developers out there that include their players to the same extent that Bungie has done with us.

To wrap this up, thanks for listening and making this work Bungie. We stuck with you through thick and thin and you listened to everything we said and did what you could to make our experience enjoyable. Thanks for being our Ghosts as we have been your Guardians. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to make friends with people we may not have, to letting us find someone special if we did. Thanks for giving those that have passed something to look forward to everyday until their Light left them. I can't wait for another 3 years with the next game.

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