A suggestion post from a solo playing rage quitter.

I just wanted to say to the devs (if they read this place) that I really like this game. I believe you are on track to make a great game. I just hope you keep the people with little time to play in mined as you progress with the game.

I knew what I was getting into when I bought the game. I had never played a game like this, but I did my homework and knew what it meant to play on a PvP server.

It's currently just myself and my kids. I work full time. The weekends are when I have some me time. I spent every waking second of my free time this weekend playing Exiles. I had blast. Hell, I want to play right now, but I have decided for the time being that I can't play.

I left the house for 2 hours to buy groceries, only to come back to everything I worked on over the weekend destroyed. I thought I would be able to handle this eventuality. Like I said, I knew what I was getting into! However, I was VERY wrong. I was so mad that I couldn't see straight. All my time gone. I guess this playstyle wasn't for me after all.

Anyway, I don't want to bash the game or whine about poor horrible me who hath not time for fun!

I just hope that some form of offline raiding protection is in the future for this game. Or perhaps at the very least, make it so people don't have to destroy all of the crafting tables and chests to get at my stuff. I can replace some doors and walls here and there, but all the crafting tables and what not gone. It's just too much for someone with so little time.

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