A suggestion for Jing buff that will make her excel at something unique that isn’t her passive

First of all, if you think that Jing is fine right now I don't want to talk to you.

As you know, Jing's 2 (explosive bolts) can be activated once, wait for the cooldown to be over and then attack someone 3 times, activate the ability again and attack 3 more times for a total of 6 times. But that would almost never happen in a scenario that you really want to have it, since you will need to use your basic attacks for clearing camps and waves.

Now, I think jing is trash right now and I know that there is no other hunter that can proc on hit effects in AoE. I also like when a god can do what no other god can, and since the unique thing about Jing proved to be annoying, let's give her something else (that could potentially be even more annoying 😉 ). Let's change explosive bolts instead of going on cooldown the second you activate them, to go on cooldown when you shoot them all out, but you get 6 of them. Just imagine the insane sustain she will get from Death's Toll <3. Also applying Quin's, executioner and Poison Star in AoE during teamfights will be cool af. Granted, this could be really strong, but I would really like to see HiRez try something out, because as someone pointed out yesterday, she really lost what made her unique and this would get her back on track.

Note that the sustain from Death's Toll will make backing needed less frequent, which means that it will not synergize too well with her passive.

P.S. Also please give the old cooldowns to her escape, it is so bad right now.

TL;DR make jing annoying again, double the explosive bolts number.

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