A simple thing I love about Horizon: Zero Dawn.

This might be the most absurd post on the sub yet but anyway… I must say that I LOVE how the arrows you shoot at enemies/environment stick. I mean, they do it realistically, I think. Wherever the arrow lands, it sticks. No weird hitbox issues or anything.

It's very satisfying seeing the shitton of arrows you put into a Thunderjaw after you finish it. I mean, obviously the game makes them disappear quite fast as I think they become a burden to the processor or something like that, and getting rid of them allows the game to maintain stability.

Anyway… I know this is common in pretty much every game that features a bow and arrow as a weapon but, I don't know… While you're aiming and you Concentrate (slow down time) and shoot… You can see how the arrow travels from the bow to your target and then the arrow sticks, just… perfectly… Goddamit…

This game truly is an amazing experience. I'm capped, already got all the skills and I'm on my way to the final mission. I'll probably beat it tonight.

I hope everyone is enjoying the game as much as I am!

P.D. If you find any grammatical error, please, let me know. English is not my main language (yeah, I know I speak it quite well) so you might encounter minor errors.

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