A simple cosmetic variation in mounts would spice up the visual appeal of this game so much (fun genetics inside).

First off, great job on the beta. This game is brutally difficult in terms of long term survival and I love that. I love the open world loot-centered PvP and the expeditions are wonderful. I'm having a blast.

But man, everyone riding the same horse/ox really steals away from the one thing this game (I feel) still lacks: a sense of personality and style of your character/mount.

Albion Online has horse breeding, but every mount comes out the exact same. Every T4 horse looks the same.

Why not have some Hardy-Weinburg genetics that goes into breeding these animals? We don't have to have breeding stats, but the one thing that would be awesome would be to have white, brown, auburn, black, dotted, grey, striped, blotched, and even multi-colored mounts.

Obviously some traits would be dominant over the over traits, which means more of one trait would show up more commonly in the population. But, say a rare chance of a black horse creating a few mutations in its mane color, creating a white mane instead of black. This mane could be considered recessive and only guaranteed in offspring if crossed with another horse with a similar genotype.

I am not a master programmer, but thinking to myself, it does not sound like making a few skin changes and a probability logarithm would be too difficult.

Not only that, you know people will start making breeding their primary purpose in Albion. Because who said that your sole purpose needs to be combat-based?

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