A short story of love, betrayal and revenge.

Joined a server on Friday evening to start my new found exile life, to find what seemed to be some friendly fellow exiles. They brought me to their base gave me some gear to prepare for the harsh lands, as I went on my way I started to build my home in these exotic desert lands. Staying close to what I believed were friendly neighbors I felt confident in my foundations.

After hours of farming and grinding away at those levels, base coming along nicely I was attacked while hunting a deer. To my surprise it was my neighbors, I respond in my base and ran up to my walls. Watching as they looted my corpse and hacked away at my body I asked "but why? You know i don't have anything you helped me just a few hours ago to get started."

During my confusion of this sudden betrayal I grabbed my stone sword and attempted to defend what little I worked so hard to achieve. I failed miserably. They broke down my doors looted everything I had destroyed all my stations and left. Convinced after they got what they wanted they would leave me alone, how wrong and naive I was they came time and time again.

Broken and defeated I headed way north and started my life there. A day went by, things were looking up but within the fields of Pride Rock another danger lurked. Farming that coal and iron I spot a three man squad steps away from me and my base, in a panic I stopped and ran into my base. This time around my enemies did not have the steel to break down my walls. I was safe, or so, I thought.

For hours they camped outside my base and patrolled the fields to chase me back into my home, whenever I attempted to advance. Eventually I discovered a back cliffside entrance that I could use to get in and out of my base without being noticed, so I farmed and gained xp as cautiously as I could.

Leaving my base through the secret cliffside entrance I went about on a quarrying run. On my return in the distance I noticed people traversing the cliffside that led into my base, that was it, they got me. Despite being out numbered and out geared, I ran to defend what I had once again. Once again i had lost.

Wallowing in my shameful defeat, I contemplated "do I leave and start a new on a different server?" then it hit me "not today! Im going to continue to level and find them". Another day passed by and all seemed peaceful, I leveled and became established on the server having not come across my bandit friends again until a routine thrall run. While I poorly attempted to capture and enslave thralls (fix the truncheon exploding thralls everywhere) walking through the fields my eye caught a 4 man squad building on top of Pride Rock.

Strolling by as they built their base, 2 of them jumped down and approached me. Taking the chance that these may people that just started on the server today i did not look to attack. But then it happened, bashed over the head from behind by a third with a warhammer and rushed by the other 2 in front… I died… Again.

As i looked at the name of my killer it, it was the bandits from the fields of Pride Rock. Finally! It was time for revenge, knowing I now out leveled them i prepared a new set of gear, asked an ally for help and went to attack. This was my final battle .


After this fight they raged and left the server. A long 3 days have passed from starting over and over again. This time I emerged from the ashes of my deafeats, a victor!

Tldr————-> bambi gets camped doesn't give up, gets stronger and annihilates bandits.

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