A quick statement on patches

As most of you know, we’ve long been an MMO company, our instinct has always been to patch during “Off Peak” when the least amount of players are online so we inconvenience the least amount of people.

In our rush to get fixes out to you we never really stopped to think about the fact that for Exiles we have thousands of unofficial servers (Over 9000 now) that actually require their Server Admins to get them updated. That’s our bad.

So while urgently critical fixes will still go out ASAP, we will try to be better about the timing of less critical patches going forward. Of course that means we'll be patching when more of you are online, and we know that no matter when we patch, it will be at a bad time for someone.

Thanks joining us on this adventure. Keep talking and we’ll keep listening.

-The Conan Exiles Team

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