A Quick Guide for New Players

The 2 Steps to Getting Water Out

1) Repair the ship (holes):

  • Locate the hull's missing fragment
  • Hit '5' key for hammer
  • Hold LMB for .5 seconds after progress bar completes

NOTE: ship damage/status is displayed at top of screen

2) Pump the water:

  • Find 1 of 2 pumps (bottom deck, down middle of Galleon)
  • Hit 'e' key when close enough/prompted

NOTE: pumping + no holes = water gone

Loading and Firing a Cannon (order of steps):

  1. Powder
  2. Shot (grapeshot for shorter range sails damage)
  3. Hold LMB for .5 seconds after progress bar completes to ram cannonball
  4. Hit 'e' to push cannon forward
  5. Hit 'e' again to equip lighter/torch, then either:
  • 'e' again to look through cannon, or
  • LMB to fire

Putting Out a Fire (ship or crew) (/u/WeazelBear)

  1. Locate bucket and hit 'e' when prompted (bottom deck of Galleons)
  2. Click LMB near fire
  3. Repeat as needed

Healing Yourself and Crew with Rum or Tea (/u/RagingBearFish)

  • Hit "4" key and then LMB to heal yourself
  • Hit "4" key and then RMB to heal an injured crew member


  • Hold the 'Q' key to identify enemy ships, display status of cannons/ship components, and more (/u/RevoltNugget)
  • Grapeshot is for damaging sails (close- to mid-ranges)
  • To create a crosshair, simply mark the centermost point of your screen with a piece of tape, dry erase marker, etc.
  • Sails are repaired from the Crow's Nest (accessed via ropes on side)

Technical Issues

RADEON: If the ocean becomes overlaid with flashing rainbow lights:

  1. Right-click on Blackwake from Steam Library
  2. Properties
  3. Launch Options
  4. Type -force-d3d9

UPDATE 1: /u/RevoltNugget added "Hold 'q' to see if the ship you're shooting at is actually the enemy!"

UPDATE 2: Added info about putting out fires (ship or people) and locating pumps per /u/WeazelBear's suggestion.

UPDATE 3: Added instructions on healing yourself and others per /u/RagingBearFish's post.

(updates from previous thread)

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