A question regarding extraction talisman and other things

Hi there new Nioh player here, just wanted to ask a few question to my more experienced brethren lol. I just beat my second boss the onryoki, and I’m in the main map now. I know in the next mission I will have to beat Hino Enma. I want to make a living weapon build (lol yes I know it’s cheese) and thus I have turned off automatic updates and have not installed any of the patches at all because I’ve heard the build for severely nerfed.

In the video below the person explains that you need the plaiden and extraction talisman to start the build. I already have the first talisman but I see I need to do a dojo practice to unlock the extraction talisman. My question is from where I am now doing the Hino Enma mission, how many more missions do I need to do for the dojo to unlock so I can get the talisman?

Some further questions as well.

In the video below the person says to use the spirit animal Shinka for the build, yet I did some more digging and other people have said Suzuku is better & Saorsi is second best. In your opinion which do you think is the best spirit animal for the build? And which spirit animal should I go for first to quickly get into the build after I get my talisman?

Lastly in the vid the person states the best weapon for this build is the Raikiri because it has a scaling in spirit. Other videos I see people are using other weapons like spears for Aoe damage. Do you agree and think the Raikiri is the best weapon for this sort of build?

Thank you for reading this long post lol and hope you have a wonderful day!

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