A PvE statistics website I made for my raid team

We're a pretty tight-knit group who's been raiding and playing together for over a year. Sometime this month, I found out that you could request Bungie API to send you aggregate PvE data across all activities (which I think is neat because on bungie.net you can only look at stats for an activity) so I decided to code up a website that compares our most up to date aggregate all-time PvE statistics. It's revealed a lot about our playstyles. Let me know what you guys think of the site!


edit: It's an amateur app hosted on heroku, so the loading page could take a few seconds 🙁 please be patient. If it's more than 15 seconds, you should probably refresh the page. I just set up a ping to keep the site awake, so loading time should be reduced. Thanks for your patience!

edit2: Thanks for front page & the love guys! I'll expand it so that you can add your own fireteams! I'll try to have it done by the end of the month & re-post it. In the meantime, enjoy the site, share with me any suggestions, what statistics you're interested in seeing added to the options, etc.

edit3: So, this website currently tracks the PvE stat for ALL modes (patrol, strikes, raids, story). But I've realized that this is heavily biased for people who play easier PvE modes (they'll have higher life expectancy and kdr). So next version will only contain raids, since this is the statistics of most interest. Also, I'm Stian in the group.

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