A public service message for dumpers:

Don't dump more than 1000 lower than your highest trophy count (not your current score)! If you do, you will be in purgatory.

I found this out the hard way when I dumped for the first time this chest cycle.

After 1000 trophies have been dropped, you are matched against only other dumpers with your same high score range. This makes climbing out of the pit very difficult.

Example: Let's say I am at 3800 but 4K trophies is actually my top score. If I drop down to 2500, they will match me with other people with 2500 trophies, BUT they will ALSO have a high score of around 4K. Sometimes I even face 4500. They won't match me with "normal" players until I get back to 3K but getting there is very hard since you will only be facing really good players.

In other words: once you get back to within 1000 of your top score, they start matching you with regular victims people.

So, if you must dump keep it within 1000 of your top score or you will be dumped in the viper pit! It took me like 5 hours to climb out of the pit today just to get back to within 1K of my top score. Don't make the same mistake I did!!!

If I do dump again, I am going to stay within 800 of my top score just to play it safe (once bitten twice shy, as they say). I can't tell you how annoying it was to climb out of the pit today…

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