A possible fix for these ridiculous land-claim techniques people are using

One of the things that bothers me most about the current state of the game is that land-claim mechanic. Currently, foundations will block out a rather large radius around them to prevent players from building too closely with your base.. Fair enough. However, players are starting to really push the boundaries of this mechanic and abuse the hell out of it to completely claim entire areas while only actually building in a small section.

I was on a server last night and was having difficulty trying to find a piece of land that wasn’t yet claimed by a huge base. Finally I ran down to the oasis area and found a very small 4×4 base made of reinforced stone near the water. I left them where they were but noticed that littering the entire desert were single triangle stonebrick foundations.. His 4×4 base ended up having a claim that stretched from the corrupted city all the way down to the wall of death. I opened my map and was in awe when I checked just how much land he had essentially ruined for other players..

This is what it looked like.. I wish I was exaggerating.

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A work-around for this absurd abuse of mechanics would be to have a flag that you plant in the ground to claim your territory. It would be limited to one per player, and is unlocked along with the various craftsmen perks. The upgraded flags would claim a larger area, but obviously would cost more to build. This would effectively prevent players from rendering a huge and unused plot of land useless.

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