A Pleasant Surprise at the Reef for an Unsuspecting Guardian from Dysclosure, and Spicy Jew

I have never posted here before, but I had such an extraordinary experience on Monday night that I thought I would share it on Reddit.

I had just finished a long day of playing Destiny and I thought I would stop off at the Reef at the end of the night to buy a Legendary Engram. I received a random message asking me if I wanted to play trials. I normally wouldn't have responded to this but I have been very curious and interested in trying out ToO. My prior experience was limited to one card during the Halloween Trials in which radar, and revives were disabled (hardly a true trials experience). Anyway, I decided to respond and accept the invitation being completely honest about my skill level at pvp (I suck). The person who sent the message said it was cool, so I joined in.

I (GT: The Dimpled 1) went to orbit with Rocker 1040, and Dysclosure. TBH I don't watch Twitch so I had no idea who Dysclosure was. We played our first card and went 5 and 2 before we discarded it and began a new card. It was clear to me that these were two very skilled players, and I was definitely holding them back. I felt terrible, but they reassured me that they just wanted to get the bounties done so I stayed on. My heart was beating as mile a minute and the stress level was unlike anything I've experienced before. To put this in perspective, in real life I work in law enforcement. I was desperately trying to keep up with two Guardians who clearly were on a different level than me, and most of our opposition. My skills made it like a 2×3 for them, that's how terrible I am in pvp. I felt horrible for them.

To make a long story short, we went 9-0 on our next card and I was able to experience the Lighthouse for the first time. It was a goal that was so unrealistic for someone of my skill level that I didn't dare even fantasize it, but here I was. As soon as we set down at the Lighthouse my inbox started filling up with messages. This baffled me. How did people know I was at the Lighthouse?

It turns out that Rocker 1040 was Spicy Jew in disguise, and Dysclosure was well, Dysclosure. They had been live streaming to whole thing as a secret carry. I had never heard of them prior to that night. To me they were just a couple of very kind, patient Guardians who could've, and probably should've gave me the boot multiple times but stuck with me. My many fails were immortalized online and laughed at by anyone who watched the stream.

For them to go flawless with someone of my skill level was nothing short of amazing. They never made me feel any less than them, though clearly I was. Their skills are top notch. That being said, I didn't post this to speak about the quality of their skills, this is well known. I posted this to tell readers about the quality of their personalities, and their world class patience. They seemed genuinely happy for me, even though the experience was probably just another day at the office for them. They are very top notch players, and more importantly… top notch people. I only hope they hear about, or read this post to truly understand how thankful I am, and how much that experience meant to me. They have definitely made a fan for life. I encourage people to check out their Twitch streams if you haven't already. I apologize for any Reddit rules I may have broken, and also for the wall of text. Like I said, I have never posted here before but wanted to express my thanks.

P.S.- I would also like to mention how classy and kind the viewers of the live stream have been. My inbox was inundated with positive messages and well wishes. I was very touched by their kindness. Thank you.

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