A Plea to FunCom: No Change in Scope

Good afternoon,

I have played more hours of Conan: Exiles than I care to think about in the last couple of days and I'm really enjoying it. I think you at FunCom could have something awesome on your hands.

With that said, I beg you, DO NOT increase your plan for the scope of the game.

If I'm not mistaken, you want to add:

  • Sorcery (Based on Corruption)

  • Land Mounts

  • New Outfits / Armor

  • More Gods

  • More Decorative Items

  • More Biomes / Larger Map

  • More Bosses / NPCs

Please, leave it at that (and anything I missed). I know you recently had a windfall of cash from the game's success and that's awesome. But use that for future projects.

Get the critical issues squished (server performance, VOIP. balancing issues), add the intended content, polish and call it.

TOO many games in this genre just keep adding. The most obvious comparison being ARK: Survival Evolved. They had a great core concept. Then success happened and they just kept adding. Now they've got more monsters than the Pokemon Universe, Power Ranger supersuits and a completely separate map.

Don't do that. Keep it simple.

I hope this is a sentiment is shared by most of the community.

Thanks for an awesome game,

TL;DR: Don't fall into the EA, Survival game trap of increasing scope. Keep the game simple and actually finish it.

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