A Nightstalker Hunter Solos Aksis!

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIF5aT5Mw94

This is a demonstration of the third and final character to solo Aksis, Nightstalker style! Esoterickk1 completed this first as a Gunslinger Hunter. The Nightstalker just appealed to me more.

The Warlock utilized self-res to bypass the "charge lockout" in order to both shoot cannons and toss charges. However, a glitch was recently found that allows the Titan and Hunter to shoot and toss. This is done by continuously picking up and dropping a cannon on the first phase. Eventually the game glitches and the "charge lockout" timer stops resetting. This allows for the Hunter to avoid the lockout for the entire remaining 4 phases. It also does strange things with the camera angles and a few other glitches.

Because you have to "burn" the first round, this only leaves 4 rounds for damage phases. This is what makes the Hunter solo very difficult; getting 10.7 million damage in 4 phases with minimal damage buffs. The only buff is the 35% tether shot, which lasts for just a few cannon shots if you time it perfectly. Shooting the tether also takes up time, so choosing when to shoot it is important. I chose to shoot it between cannon swaps. This seemed like the proper "downtime."

Personally, I found this challenge to be one of the most difficult things I've ever done in this game. It requires near perfection with aggressive damage output. Missing even ONE cannon shot can mean the end to a run.

I hope that other experienced Aksis soloers attempt this challenge. And GG to everyone who has already completed this!

See ya!


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