A New way of doing religions that would facilitate less toxic/more fun PVP

PVP doesn't have to be just running around randomly ganking people who you think are weaker than you. It often ends up that way mostly because games are not designed to encourage any other kind of PVP.

But what if the only way to get the strongest weapon in the game was to adopt an honourable play style?

What i propose is to use the religion system to encourage better PVP play. For example, Yog, I imagine, doesn't care what his worshippers do. But Mitra is supposed to be the The "God of right and justice." He could be very unhappy if his worshippers behave in an immoral way.

So if you're lvl 50 and you gank a lvl 5 noob and steal his sticks, Mitra knows and sees what you did and is not pleased (this means it can be an automatic demerit done in the code).

So sure, now everyone will just join Yog and not join Mitra. ( And of course there should be great benefits for joining Yog too, such as the unspoiled meat, an avatar that can reach higher places than the others, etc.) To encourage PVPers to join Mitra there would need to be some rewarded that made it worth while. This could be, for example, one of the best weaons in the game. (Doesn't have to be OP. Just 1 DPS better than the other weapon would still make it worth while for many players). This means only "honourable" players will get to get the best weapon in the game.

I am proposing this idea because it seems like a way to encourage fun gameplay as opposed to enabling what can often become very a toxic PVP play. Smashing and killing for fun. (Which is what Yog supporters should do and would still be allowed to do).

Right now you can join all religions and it really detracts from religions, it gives them no meaning. Its just another object to build to craft stuff. The new system with mitra being opposed to the actions of Yog would require players to pick a side, pick a religion, and pick a play style.

Its just an idea and I am looking forward to peoples feedback on this.

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