A New Crit Build for Hunters (Patch 4.7)

In patch 4.7, Rage received a new passive. At full passive stacks, it now allows players to get up to 35% Critical Strike chance from this item. It stacks on kills and assists, like Hide of the Urchin, which isn’t too difficult since you only need 5 stacks to reach its full potential. This is a strong passive, which leads me to believe triple crit could be a strong option for hunters.

What is the full build?

Ignoring starter items, the full build should look like this:

Boots (Warrior or Ninja) – Lifesteal (Devourers Gloves or Asi) – Rage – Wind Demon – Penetration (Executioner or Titan’s Bane) – Deathbringer

What is the reasoning behind the build?

As a start, any hunter should get boots and some form of lifesteal to get some mobility and sustain in the laning phase. After that, it is recommended to build Rage since you need to stack it to be fully effective. Then you could get some more crit to amplify your damage. Wind Demon is a crit item that isn’t too expensive which gives you 30 physical power, 20% crit chance, 10% attack speed a nice passive which provides more attack speed and movement speed, in case you crit someone. For your fifth slot I would recommend penetration or protection reduction, since tanks will usually have built a good chunk of physical protection at this point in the game. As a last item you should get Deathbringer to maximize the damage output of your crits.

Why isn’t Hastened Fatalis included in the build?

Fatalis is a popular item in current hunter builds since it gives penetration, movement speed, attack speed and chase potential. I haven’t included it in this build because with 75% crit chance you should be able to burst someone down before they can react and run away, thus the chase potential is not necessary. Even if someone survives the burst from your crits, you can still chase them with the movement speed from the passive of Wind Demon because it will be active pretty much constantly as long as you hit your basics.

Who makes good use out of this build?

Any hunter who relies on crit works well with this build. I will name some examples.

  • Apollo. Apollo has a passive which gives him loads of attack speed which synergizes extremely well with crit since more basics means you can crit more often in a shorter amount of time.

  • Artemis. Artemis has a passive which gives her basics crit chance, up to 15%. Combine this with 75% crit chance from your build and you’re looking at a grand total of 90% crit chance.

  • Izanami. Izanami’s basic attacks hit twice which gives more opportunity to crit. Her steroid also gives her tons of attack speed allowing for high burst damage with crits.

  • Jing Wei. Jing Wei has crit chance in her second ability. When fully levelled up, she gains 95% crit chance with Explosive Bolts active, making all three of these hits pretty much guaranteed crits.

  • Rama. Rama has a steroid which gives him attack speed. He’s always worked well with a crit build so I can’t see why this build wouldn’t work out well for him.

Other hunters who can potentially make use out of this build are: Ah Muzen Cab, Anhur, Cernunnos, Hou Yi, Medusa and Xbalanque.

What are your guys' opinions on this build? Share them below!

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