A lot of weird things going on recently…

I have to ask as I'm not up to date on these things, is there a new cheat going round? It can't just be me experiencing these oddities.

Example one: I'm in a tree line watching a house where I know a guy is after seeing him run in. I then see a car pull up some distance away, two people get out. The guy inside gets out of the house and is running across a field. No line of sight issues, it's completely flat terrain. The two guys chase him out of their vehicle, disappear and I can see the dude is freaked out because he's spinning around and they reappear just off from him. Bearing in mind it was quite a considerable distance, and I had complete view the entire time. That was strange. Also note, I had not seen these guys prior anywhere near this house but they pulled up to it and knew where he was instantly and to confirm it further, they got into their vehicle and chased me down. So I was thinking… Is the H1z1 virus vision still a thing? Or is it pure Esp/some weird invisible shit.

Example two: I'm in PV, sat in an accommodation block. It's late, I work a night shift and got on at around 4am, the server is pretty dead so I decided to do some looting. There is no one about, and as a solo player I'm used to being patient and looking, I couldn't see a single person. Anyway, I'm looting this building and I hear a door pop downstairs, and then a second, and a third until he opens the door into my room 1 taps me and runs out, doesn't even bother looting my bag. Now you might just assume that he followed the path of the closed doors? See I thought that, until I realized that I had closed every door and the route he took is not logical, nor is it a straight line. He had to open the ground floor door, then the lower stair door, then skip the first floor, hit the second, third door on his right (nearest the stairs), into the bathroom and hit me while I was sat on the sink semi-afk eating my dinner. In a windowless room, I had not moved for a good 10-15 minutes, but I was sat there and heard every door open on the way to me but I presumed I was fine as I was counting the doors, and sound as he went. Seemed fishy.

Example three: I'm in a forest, collecting sticks and hear a shot and a ricochet near me. I'm not sure where it came from so I picked a direction and zig zagged through trees on autorun so I could look round and in all honesty this made me laugh. Imagine the Juggernaut in the X-men films,he just runs through shit. Well this guy was running through everything… Trees, rocks, you name it. A dead straight line. He landed a shot in my back and I bled out as I couldn't hide behind anything.

Example four: I'm driving a car past a big clans base just to fuck about, it was late and I was tired so decided to go for a drive. I start to get shot, and you get your usual bullet hit sounds and so on until I got into a tree line. Well then it got weird because my car was taking damage, and I was getting hit by a .380 pistol. Eventually I died, completely out of view of anyone. I thought Magic bullet, but I hadn't heard of it working on people in cars before.

I have more examples but none that are as concrete as these and may as well be my own paranoia. From what I've experienced in the last few weeks I'm calling ESP/No-Clip/Weird invisibility and Magic bullet? I'm a solo player, so I don't get to talk to many others about this in game but if its happening to me at such an alarming rate, it must be to others to? The reason I ask is because this game was doing a lot better in terms of cheats. Now it seems worse than ever.

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