A little rant about toys. Blizzard, please!

I absolutely LOVE the toybox. I'm always trying to collect all these neat little things to goof off with during downtime of raids or just hanging out in Dalaran. But at the same time I absolutely HATE them.

Why? Several reasons. First off, reputation. Seriously? I need to be EXALTED with the TILLERS, a faction 2 expacs ago to use a silly little knife set. Why? Why why why are rep-based toys a thing. If I worked hard to unlock these toys on one toon, I shouldnt have to do it across all my other toons as well! It's just dumb. And it's not just tillers either, some of the legion toys require rep as well, such as that silly carp everyone kicks around. I wish I could use it on a toon that hasn't been to highmountain yet, but I can't.

The other thing that grinds my gears is the cooldown on a lot of these toys. The foxcopter, for example, lets you goof around with it for a whopping 45 seconds. On a 30 minute cooldown… What's even the point?

And the transformation toys, my f-ing god man! I can be a little gnome for 5 minutes on a TWO HOUR COOLDOWN! And then there's the coin of many faces on a 24 HOUR COOLDOWN! Why?! Why is all the fun stuff time-locked so hard? I'm not saying I need to be able to use them back to back, but some toys, yeah, I kinda do wanna use them back to back like something as harmless as the foxcoptor. C'mon blizzard. Please fix this, I dont even play with the toys half the time anymore cuz it's like 10 seconds of fun on a several hour cooldown. My raids only last about 3 so I can MAYBE get a 2nd use of most of my favorite toys.

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