A list of a few quick changes that would make the game more realistic and immersive.

There are a few details that, in my opinion, would make a substantial difference in terms of realism without requiring the addition any complicated feature.


  • Muzzle flashes should be less conspicuous at night and invisible during the day.

  • Tracers (visible bullets) should only be present when using LMGs or other heavy weapons.

  • Bullet impact effects should scale with distance. As it is now, whenever you hit a target a huge cloud of blood appears. The same is true for dirt when hitting the ground, sparkles when hitting metal and other similar effects.

  • A falling – or rather landing – animation seems to be missing. There is one, but it only works above a certain height (above 3 metres or so), which makes exploration in rocky areas seem rather clunky and unpolished.

  • When the weapons are holstered the character animations have weird speeds (on PC). The walking is too slow and the jogging is too fast, it would be nice if they matched the normal (weapon in your hands) animations.

  • When your weapons are holstered the camera switches to free look, this is a nice feature. However, if you crouch or go prone the camera switches back to standard even if your weapons are holstered. It would be nice if the camera settings remained consistent regardless of the stance.

  • There should be an option to disable the effect which makes enemy snipers glow.

  • Visible breath in snowy areas would make for a nice detail.


  • It would be nice to have an option to disable redundant audio effects such as the one for bullet impact and the one that warns you when an enemy is about to detect you.


  • I have tested the distance at which an enemy can spot you while standing in an open field, with no vegetation, in daylight. It's just 90 metres on extreme difficulty. It would be nice if this could be increased up to 150 metres.

  • Enemies call for reinforcements when you are out of range, which is fine, but this seem to happen at very close distances. It would be nice if enemy would engage in firefights at longer distances.

  • Reinforcements spawn too quickly and out of nowhere.

Shooting Mechanics

  • More weapon sway on extreme difficulty would be nice. As it is one can easily hit a target at 500 metres with a red dot.

  • Muzzle speed should be increased.

  • An option to disable the auto-reloading feature.


  • It would be nice to have a two-speed toggle for vehicles on PC, as it is you can only go full speed.

  • Vehicles should take a lot more damage from collisions with the environment.

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