A guide on how to play WoW on 2 1920×1080 monitors

Here's a guide on how you can configure 2 1920×1080 monitors optimally (imo) for WoW. How it looks


An overview of how I use 2 monitors.


  • The 3D world is displayed on the Left Hand Monitor, it's actually directly in front of me, as it would be if I only had one monitor.
  • Addons and half of the Windows desktop are displayed on the Right Hand monitor.
  • Both monitors are set to a resolution of 1920×1080 although having them both at 1920×1080 isn't essential, the Right Hand monitor probably has to be the same resolution or larger for the following measures to not make it look terrible.
  • I play using memorised keybinds and rely heavily on weak auras for cooldowns and spell availability information hence all the hotbars are out of the way. Usually they are hidden entirely.


Getting it all set up


  • Ensure you have your PC set to use an extended desktop. If you have 2 monitors already you're almost certainly using it that way already. Can you drag a window from the main monitor to the second monitor? Does it look good? Excellent!.
  • Edit the config.wtf file in your ..World of WarcraftWTF folder.


Add or edit the following lines


These 2 lines set WoW to use "Windowed Mode" and a resolution of 2880×1080. That creates a WoW window 1.5 times 1 monitor if it's set to a resolution of 1920×1080 which it will be because you've been paying attention.


If we launch WoW now we will see a small window in the middle of our screen, hardly what we're after really?


So to get our WoW window to fill our 1.5 monitors we need to :


  • 1) Tell the Window where we want it to be.
  • 2) remove the title bar and border.
  • 3)Maximise it.


To perform the above steps we will use an awesome free scripting tool called Auto Hot Key You can get that from here. Once you have that installed, create a new text file, open it and paste the following from pastebin.


Save the file as Borderless Spanned Half Window.ahk or whatever you want really, just make sure it has a .ahk extension rather than .txt


If you don't want to do this and trust me, (you shouldn't trust anyone on the internet). Download the file from here


The way this script works:


  • 1) Launch the .ahk script you just created or downloaded.
  • 2) Launch WoW
  • 3) Hold the Windows Key and left click on the WoW window. This maximises the game window to fill the predetermined 1.5 monitors.
  • 4) While the game window has focus also hold the Windows Key and hit the Space Bar. This forces the window to always on top, and can be toggled on and off by repeating the process. It's not necessary but I find it a nice touch and it's not costing you anything.


Ok, we've got a lot done so far but we're not there yet. If you was now to try and play the game you'd find your character standing over to the right of your main monitor, not really what we want is it? So here's how we will solve it.


Setting the 3D World to one monitor with addons nicely arranged on the second monitor.


We need to download addons to configure our addons. This can get really complicated and depends on how much time you like to spend configuring your interface. I'm going to list those that I see as essential to achieve our aim and provide a rough guide on configuring them.


  • Sunn Viewport Art – Allows us to restrict the game world to just one monitor. Also lets us set art in the space remaining, this is the space behind our addons. I just have it Black with the Zone Map (SHIFT+M) maximised for a bit of texture.
  • MoveAnything – Lets us move most interface elements around, without doing this you will find that most of your Blizzard Interface Elements are off centre when they shouldn't be.
  • Bartender4 – Why would you not already be using this amazing hot bar addon? Ok, anyway our primary reason for having this in the list is it makes our action bars very easy to move, we could move them with MoveAnything but we will lose out on the amazing utility of this addon.
  • BlizzMove – Lets us move many default Blizzard interface frames around. We want this because it's daft that Blizzard didn't include the functionality in the first place.


About the quest tracker, buff bar, minimap and buttons


For some reason known only to Blizzard, they've tied the positioning of the quest tracker to the minimap. Without any addons, your minimap and quest tracker will both be shunted over to the far right, which is now our 2nd monitor. I have the minimap at the top-right of my main monitor and the quest tracker just over to the right of that, therefore on my 2nd monitor. I hate lists of text in my game window and if you've managed to read this far, I guess you do to.


To place these elements in the locations we want them we can try and do it with move anything or use more addons.


Putting the minimap in the desired location with MoveAnything is quite easy but getting the quest tracker where we want it to go and to STAY there I've found troublesome. An addon I've recently started using for quest tracking, whose location is fully configurable is:


  • Kaliel's Tracker – so I suggest you get hold of this as well as it's excellent, particularly if you use TomTom
  • Leatrix Plus – For better placement of buff frames, tool tips and some other elements. Also has lots of exciting automation and configuration options. Just take a look at it.


If you don't like minimap buttons all around your minimap also get:



Configuring our new addons.


  • Sunn Viewport Art – In WoW type /sunnart to open the configuration panel. Global Options Tab set it up as per the images here This will place all the 3D world on the main monitor and a Black border on the section used by the game on the Right monitor. If your secondary monitor is on the other side you'll have to modify the Left Panel instead. You may also have to change the position information in the Auto Hot Key Script or your game may look odd. IDK. You may have noticed the art options in Sunn Viewport Art, feel free to enable them, there are also loads of art packs on Curse if you want to make that Black bar more distracting attractive.


  • Next we need to configure move anything to place most of our elements where we want them to be. You can do this manually, really tedious, or use this file I've created for you. If you go to System Menu > Interface and then click the Addon Tab, then click MoveAnything on the left hand side you can then click the import button and paste this file. Disclaimer, I may have missed some elements and some elements may just not move or stay moved. YMMV. You can bind a key for moving an element if you go to Keybindings > Addons > MoveAnything > Move Frame – Safe and Reset Frame – Safe. To move an element, hover the mouse pointer over it and press the key you bound. To reset an element do the same but press the key you bound to reset an element. You may be permitted to move the element or not, it's all down to Blizzard.


So . . . If the import worked ok most of your interface elements that should be centred will once again be so. Your minimap should now be in the place it used to be, it will look a little different, I removed the borders and some other stuff. Oh yeah, it should be square now to. If you don't like it you can make the necessary changes in MoveAnything. The option to make the minimap NOT square is in MoveAnything's options (where you went to paste the huge-ass text file)


Some glaring issues remaining.


The quest tracker is not where you want it, your tooltip is somewhere you never look and your buff bars are right over on the right hand side.


Firstly feel free to configure Kaliel's tracker how you wish. You can move it by going to Interface > Addons > Kaliel's Tracker, there on the first page are x and y sliders, just move those to where you want it to be.


Our buff bars and tooltip will be configure in Leatrix Plus, click the minimap button that looks like a lightning bolt and enable the following options. Interface > Manage Tooltip* | Frames > Manage Buff Frames* Then click the reload button at the bottom. Once your interface has reloaded go back to Leatrix Plus > Interface > Manage Tooltip* and click the settings icon. Configure this how you want it to look. Now go to Frames > Manage Buff Frames* and move the buff frames to where you want them. That's it for the essentials, feel free to play around with the other options.


Configure Minimap Button Frame how you wish, you can move it by clicking the MBF button and lock it in position in the options.


I'm not going in to great length on how to configure Bartender4 as action bars are always a personal preference thing. It's highly configurable but the most important thing you need to know for this exercise is how to move them. Type /bt in the options click the checkbox labelled Lock at the top left of the window. Get all those bright Green bars moved to where you want them. Then click Lock again.


Right, this has taken a lot longer than I imagined. I think it's finished, I know you'll let me know of any errors, glaring omissions, typos in the comments. Have fun and feel free to ask questions ;D


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