A Google Spreadsheet where you can extensively keep track of your raid team

So at the start of this expansion I made a Google spreadsheet for my guild to keep track of things like weekly AP gains and World Quests / Dungeons completed, since I did not feel like there was anything out there that did the job well. I have received positive feedback on it so I figured I would share it, for whoever is still looking for a simple but in-depth overview of their guild. You can look at an example populated version here:


If you want to make a copy, you can use http://wow.vanlankveld.me/copy . What the spreadsheet shows is the following:

  • A summary sheet with everyone's traits (main spec or currently logged out spec), item level (either currently equipped or highest ever equipped), weekly or all-time World Quests/Dungeons completed, and weekly Artifact Power obtained (based on your region's weekly reset time)
  • A roster sheet where you can see your role distribution, including tier tokens and armor type.
  • An overview sheet with more extensive stats of all your raiders, including rankings for each statistic.
  • A single view sheet where you can look at the gear of individuals, which dungeons they have done, how many tier pieces they have, their enchants, which legendaries they have (it will remember and store legendaries that people have logged out with)

There are no API calls made from the spreadsheet itself, character data is refreshed intermittently externally, and the spreadsheet simply displays the data. You just fill in your guild's key in the spreadsheet and it will start displaying your guild's data once the first API call is made (you can create a key at http://wow.vanlankveld.me/new.php). You only have to add the members you want to track to your key on the website, and within an hour your data will appear in the spreadsheet. It will refresh completely by itself (new data is fetched from the API about once per hour).

I hope some of you find this useful and I would love your feedback in case you decide to use it. I shared this on MMO-Champion about two months ago and there are now over 1000 guilds actively using the spreadsheet. I figured there may be some of you on Reddit who would also be interested!

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