A former Arena main’s take on Arena now

Fuck Arena. When I first got this game with friends, arena was by far the game mode we played the most. We dabbled into everything but by far Arena took the spotlight. This was my first MOBA so as a filthy casul (which I still am), of course Arena appealed to me. Games were quicker and I didn't have to worry about the inherent mechanics of the game in terms of objectives and etc.

Right after the Morrigan event, I have played Conquest exclusively. I always wanted to play it but was too scared and intimidated. Intricate roles, toxic players, long games. And the Conquest curse: win a very long game and you don't want to play again because you feel satisfied but lose a long game and you feel burned out- I don't get that anymore by the way. I sat down, I watched video after video and played game after game to get good at being my groups jungler. Now I look back and am proud of myself for how far I've come along.

Enter the Season ticket. First quest was 15 wins. Now for the Morrigan event, for wins I spammed Arena because a win came quick and a loss came quick. For this though I just swallowed my sense of speed play and did what I started to like most, conquest. 15 wins were gotten all from Conquest.

Next quest, 250 K/A. Okay so I decided to re-visit Arena again since K/A come frequently in that game mode…fuck Arena. Maybe I have too much of a Conquest mindset but everyone is too scared to fight. Matches can be 5 minutes where everyone is circling the joystick around waiting for something to happen. So when I make something happen, my scared team doesn't follow through and I get deleted and then they go down from a natural 5v5 scenario. No one counter-builds. I know I know, it's Arena, glass-cannon or nothing. But that's simply not true. We had an Aphrodite at one point who kept healing her team, I was the only one that did something about it. I even got mad at the other team at another game for being so easy to kill when I was Hel. "Why are you guys letting me delete you? Counter build so I can counter counter build, no one is learning from this experience!" (Actually they did learn that Hel can simultaneously be a support and a fucking hyper-carry in certain games). Not so much as Conquest, but objectives still win! Everyone is so proud of themselves for getting dank pentas as Loki or Thanatoast but couldn't care less about the three waves of minions you let into the portal, and why are we ignoring the camps? Those will give us an edge in a team fight, if everyone wasn't so scared to partake in one.

TL;DR Arena sucks, no one actually plays the game and I personally feel Conquest team fighters are far better than Arena team fighters mechanically whilst also knowing he importance of objectives, specifically minions and jungle camps as both those elements overlap.

EDIT: this is on mobile so forgive spelling errors and dank autocorrects

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