A Few Thoughts on the Game, Map, Future Map, Dev, and Modding (Long)

First of all i have to say, i love this game. Its the perfect mix of Arma and KOTK. That's where i think this game shines the most. It's just some arcade run and gun. There's alot of strategy and thought that goes into each encounter but not enough to make each one exhausting. I've also never felt cheated during an encounter. When i die its because they other player just played it better, i was out of position, didnt cover my flank, or just shit the bed.

Thoughts on the current map-
Its gorgeous. Personally i think the terrain is the best part of it. While the map is awesome, its a little.. forgettable. There are great POI's on the map but they kinda blend together. The only real city that sticks out for me is obviously the flooded one. They just dont seem that different. There is alot of building variety in the game already, still somethin i think needs to be done. Not sure how they could but i think it'd be something to consider.

It makes vehicles very situational. Being that were not used to a game where vehicles actually kill someone when you run them over cough. The terrain sort of keeps them balanced, and i feel best used just to get from A to B.

Things i would like to see improved or different-
For me the fights out of the cities are the most fun, because of the gorgeous terrain and plant life. That said I'd like to see some more forest areas. I'd love to see some more dense forests in particular. Maybe some steeper mountain areas. The visuals in this game are gorgeous and id like to see more of them.

All these thoughts positive and negative are thoughts to help the game grow and become great. I'm extremely happy with this game as is. i havent been able to stop playing the beta and I'm very excited to see where it will end up.

The best part of this development is that this game is being built on the vision of a modder. Someone who for years spent there time seeing a game and trying to make it better. Extremely excited to see what will be made with mod support as well. Anytime a developer is this open and excited about mod support and compatibility tells me that they want they're game to be the best it can. Realizing that they might not have thought of everything and let the people who love and play the game take it to where it can be.

Pls share your thoughts in the comments or create your own post, doesn't matter. Show the devs your support and thoughts!

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