A Few Thoughts on Modding

It's no doubt that the community loves pretty much everything about this game. The lore, the characters, even the real-time water drying effects ;). I know for a fact that I will be playing this game for quite some time, but I fear for something. I guess it's a really selfish thought really, but I don't want to let this game go. I don't want it to suffer what a lot of other single player games go through, you finish the game, beat all of the end-game content, and then there's nothing else. You get tired of it, forget about it, maybe even uninstall it from your Steam library. Sure I don't expect this to become the next Skyrim or Fallout, but modding just opens up an entirely new potential in games. It's what can make them stand out from these other AAA single player games, letting players customize what they want, however they want. Customization is something that I live for. It makes me feel unique, like I actually mean something. Without mods I sometimes just feel like yet another player playing yet another single player game.

Taro has already shown his support (no matter how comical, it's still his support) of the game's fan art, and I'm sure he would love to see his fans create their own content for the game that he made. I know that looking at fan art is a bit different than making it so that players can (somewhat) easily mod your game, believe me, I am aware. I haven't seen a current synopsis on the modding capabilities of this game so far, but I have heard that you can easily mod textures and sounds by changing game files, but Denuvo is getting in the way. Maybe one way we can start out with these changes is disable Denuvo? This game has no multiplayer, so there isn't really any need to make sure everyone's game client is exactly the same.

I'm just trying to figure out what we, as a community, can do. I know there are plenty of talented programmers and artists out there that would love to make mods for this game. Heck if they are talented enough they might even be able to help Taro directly with jerry-rigging some mod support for this game. Is it silly to try and reach out to Taro about this? He seems to be pretty active on social media, and interacts with his fans a lot.

I want to see this game live on. I want to make this game my own. Maybe we could put our brains together and think of something? Please?

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