a few things . . .

Here are some things that have bothered me a bit lately, and for the most part are just tweaks that could be implemented easily enough by adjusting the loot, spawn scale etc.

I get why we need it in pvp, but other than looks, what good does it do to have 300 laminated armor spawning in at the pleasant valley police station? you dump them out and more take their places. Would be nice if the police dept and the military base would yield better weapons, ammo etc.

Why do cars MOVE when you park them? re-parking twenty times to get them to appear to be still, and yet they still drift close to walls, or out of bases, or into non-existence. Why do they drift on LAND?? – on a similar note, no matter how many cars I store, 1 or 5 they always seem to vanish and leave the parts behind, and then shortly after that I see someone driving what I believe to be a vehicle stolen from my base with the nose of the vehicle buried under the ground.

Now that there seems to be no wrench glitch, there are a million wrenches in any town. Can we cut the amount of wrenches back now that they are not glitched? would make much more sense and allow much less hoarding of vehicles and wrenches. Mega basses often have 8-10 cars minimum that they are hoarding, No Hope for instance, a pve server, with a massive base up in the villas, a person there claimed they had ten people on their team and needed all those cars, but they just park them and do not drive them. Please make it much harder to hoard vehicles so that more can be discovered and used for a day or so, perhaps get rid of wrenches all together and allow the cars to despawn and spawn at a normal rate.

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