A few things that need to be fixed…

Ok i get that is this is an early access build but some things just make no sense

  1. Repair system: the amount of damage that the tools and weapons take and i'm talking mostly for metal picks and swords it is insane, you build a pickaxe with 20 iron bars witch is kinda hard to get at early levels and it looses 30$ to 40% after breaking 4 rocks the same applies to the swords and spears you loose way to much for a high cost that makes no sense at the first place.

  2. The npcs are hungry for human flesh? ok i dont want to qq for the amounts of monsters i have to fight in order to walk for a mile but for real the amount of aggro is insane you can barely walk 300 meters with out getting aggro by at least 3 monsters and that is way to much for a new player wearing nothing but hes or hers bare skin.

  3. The freaking repair system as i said before it makes no sense that you need 20 iron ingots to repair a freaking iron pickaxe after breaking 10 rocks so i would suggest either nerfing the amount or require a repair hammer with 1 or 2 ingots for balancing issues but the hammer would have to weight a lot.

  4. long walking distances with out a mount i would suggest adding mounts to the game using a capture breading system that requires thralls to care for your mounts and please dont make them die as easy as humans do

5.please fix the selection menu it lacks alot both on cosmetic side and the useful side

  1. we shood be able to see our tribe members from a far make a bar on top of them with info like level and name tribe etc

  2. we shood be able to see the monsters level and power for example alpha spider or normal spider and their levels

  3. tribe ranks access modification option so we can add strangers too our tribes with out having trust issues.

  4. some ppl build bases around importan npcs like religion teachers and the npcs never respawn

And finally please fix that annoying tornado sound stuck indoors im getting tired of deleting the file over and over again.

P.S You are doin good so far please learn from ark mistakes and dont copy them i dont want to see this game becoming ark's failed clone sorry for my bad English its not my native language and thank you for reading this.

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