A few questions hopefully you guys can answer! (Hopefully this well help other players as well!)

Hey guys I've been playing for a few hours now, having a great time so far, just had a few questions maybe you guys could answer, since I couldn't find the answers on Google. Perhaps the answers will be useful to some other players too who try to search this on the internet later.

1) I've been watching a few streams and notice people move left-right while attacking. Does this actually help? Seems like when I use this strategy on animals in doesn't really help.

2) Is there a way to zoom out further? When I go into 3rd person mode and wheel scroll back, it still doesn't seem as zoomed out as the streamers have it.

3) Is there specific stats that are better than others currently in the game? I've just been leveling up Vitality/Strength so far.

4) I feel like playing solo is pretty difficult in the sense that; Once you level and can get a new "skill", sometimes you only have enough points for a piece of armor. Seems like once I'm max level I won't have enough points to buy most things… maybe it is meant to be this way so some people put skills in creating weapons, others create armor, others create defense? (I'm just beginning to craft iron, but getting 1 recipe per level seems harsh for a solo player)

5) Is there a way to see what servers I can join? I'm a Canadian living in Dubai and I had to try almost 25 servers before I found one that let me in because of my region. To add on to that, are there some good public servers that are available to everyone world wide, servers that aren't controlled by a random admin?

6) What does the "Shelter" buff do that I see popping up at the top left sometimes?

7) What's the best way to earn XP? I've been killing hundreds of gazelles in the desert, doesn't seem the most efficient though.

8) Is there a movement speed between sprinting and walking? I swear on streams that I watch their characters have some sort of a 'jog', but my character basically walks when out of stamina. Wasn't sure if there's a key binding that I didn't know about.

9) Is there a website or a guide that can help me with more basic questions? Perhaps something that talks about the difference between using different harvesting tools on certain objects (I've learned pickaxe on trees gives bark, when woodaxe gives branches)

Thanks so much for your help and I hope these question help out others as well!

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