A few questions for a new Smite player

Hi Everyone, I'm new to Smite and MOBA's in general (I think this is considered a moba) and have loved the game these past few weeks but have some questions on getting some more understandings.

Firstly: Penetration vs Power, I've seen the math, but it makes me question a bit some of the choices I see commonly built. First it seems like mages can scale better off power due to higher availability than physicals, which makes sense, but I did have a few class specific and god specific questions for it. In general for each class type (excluding outliers): Pen or Power more?, is there a rough estimate of like, 50 power = 10 pen? Does that estimate change scaling the more you get of each?

Is Pen typically better for abilities or AAs? I know the scaling on some abilities obviously focuses more on power, but it seems like power does a lot more for some gods than others, even with similar scaling.

Regarding Pen items, why the % pen items over the flat pen? I assume % is better when its fewer pen items, like as an only item, or 1 of 2 items with pen.

What happens at the Pen cap (50)? does it reduce effectiveness, completely not work? does %pen still work, or protection reductions? Is it worth getting a slightly lesser item to go from 40 to 50 pen or is that overkill?

Regarding things like the stat "Caps", I also wonder if all stats are treated the same, MS, AS, power, cooldown? Are there exceptions (for instance 40% cooldown but you grab a blue buff or the mage power pot)?

More specific questions:

Ninja Tabi vs Warrior Tabi: I've read some older posts via googling questions on reddit that say Attack Speed and Pen are much more important on warriors/physicals than Power. In that case I dont really understand how Warrior Tabi even compares with Ninja with its 20% AS. The mage versions seem a bit more even with Pen vs CDR and less power gap, but physical boots seem like Ninja and Re-enforced are WAY better. This also seems to match my gameplay as well, and I've very rarely found warrior to be a better pick, and generally only when Im mass stacking AS already near the cap.

I've been very much enjoying Osiris, relating to the Pen vs Power question above as well as some more specifics, I'd like a bit of feedback on him. Firstly I'll mention why I like him, mainly because hes kinda tanky and I'm not the best at surviving, plus I can snowball him fairly easily and he still dishes out some damage. Only dislike is his lack of mobility. Generally to build him I run a similar build to this depending on early snowballing, what my team needs (comp of assassins vs comp of guardians), and who specifically I keep facing: Core: item1 – Ninja tabi, item2 – Asi (pen, speed, lifesteal), item3 fatalis (unless im getting stomped already and need prots). These give me decent movement, 25 pen, some lifesteal, and great attack speed. Next items are a combo of these based on scenario and I'll put a 1-5 ranking next to each to say how likely I am for them: Brawlers beatstick (2) only against healers really The Crusher (5) almost always build it, more attack speed, almost caps my Pen, ok power and passive. Titan's bane (1) almost never build, I generally run about 40 pen in most matches. Bloodforge (4) I love to build it if I can fit it in, extra lifesteal, tons of power, nice shield, got me my first quadrakill on osiris. Qin Sais (2) I build them on other chars, and always want to, but never end up having the slot, I see the potential and just dont go for it most times. Executioner (1) same thing, no more room. Heartseeker (3) I build when Im snowballing an early lead. maxes my Pen, gives a little power, and much enjoyed passive/movement. Masume (3) I think this is the protections one, if so, its built when I am doing a bit more tanky and assist gameplay, generally with lots of teamfights. Stone Cutters (2) more often used in conquest and when I have more 1v1 opportunities Witchblade (2) against a surpisingly common Posideon, KuKu, Arte comp. Shifters Shield (4) used to be a 5, try to use a bit less now, but I really love it and feel like its made for Osiris, gives power and prots Hide of Urchin (3) my other tanky item, generally I only use if I'm designated team tank or facing all massive damge gods. Mantel of Discord (1) barely use, but nice against some gods Breastplate (1) barely use, generally prefer duel prots, dont really need the CDR Shoguns (1) barely use, only against all mages Pestilence (2) use against Ra/Change style comps that do damage and heal

A very common full build would be something like: Ninja Tabi -> Asi -> Fatalis -> ShiftersShield/Urchin -> The Crusher -> Flex (bloodforge / heartseeker family / second of urchin or shifters). This build seems to work pretty well for me, and I think the only time I really get shit on is when I get outplayed or heavily snowballed, but I'd like to see yalls input and suggestions. I know personal preference comes into it somewhat as you'll play better something you're comfortable with than just best items. I definitely LOVE the mobility of fatalis and the heartseeker family, I also love lifesteal so I can just get in there and swing my scythe around, but also like a healthy balance of damage and survivability.

Any other tips/thoughts for a noob? I feel like I tend to do better than a lot of the others in casual queues as I generally have a ton more gold and minion damage than most, which leads to a lot of my snowballing, but I have a lot of trouble with coming back from behind.

Thanks, and hope to see yall out there.

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