A few questions about how to be an enjoyable/useful co-op partner

Hey guys. So I recently started helping other people with their missions and I really like it.

Now, one issue that I have is: Most people I join kind of see me as the "big brother". They stand there, greet me, and wait for me to move and then follow me wherever I go. That puts me into a twisted position: I can choose to either run the fastest way towards the boss, and help kill it asap. Or I can go for a full clear on the level including all the Kodama-Spots etc. If I choose the wrong one and rush a boss I might destroy that guys experience because he actually wanted to explore everything. But then again, clearing the level might annoy the host because he just wants to end the level asap.

What do you guys do in this case? I haven't finished the game yet so I am not in NG+ if this is relevant.

My second issue is: Arround 50% of the time I try to join someone I get a very long loading screen and after like a minute the message "Connection to the host was interrupted" (I hope I translated that correctly, in German it says "Verbindung zum Gastgeber unterbrochen"). It then resets me to the map and shows me the "Co-op failed" screen with (obviously) 0 points. Is that a common thing or could that be a problem with my network/router? I already had similar problems with Multiplayer in RB6:Siege and Trackmania:Turbo, but then again no issues with most other games like for example Bf1 or Darksouls 3. Has someone got a solution for that or any way to avoid that?

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