A few new Exotic Concepts before the Spring Update

Hello, Guardians! Kraony here, with a batch of new Exotic ideas. As always, please remember that there are only concepts. Number are not final, as Bungie should test every number if they ever decide to use a concept. So, let's begin!

Primary Weapons

The Ripple – Exotic Hand Cannon

"For every actions, there's always a reaction"

Bullets per magazine: 8

Medium Impact, Medium RoF

Exotic Perk: Ripples: Bullets fired from this weapon attach to their targets. After a 1 second delay, the bullets explode, dealing damage in a small area around them. As long as you keep hitting the enemy, the bullets won't explode.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Waves: If an enemy has 3 bullets attached to them, the bullets will cause a chain reaction, which causes a bigger explosion to occur.

Heatseeker – Exotic Solar Hand Cannon

The fire lurks for a new prey. Feed him, or be consumed by it

Bullets per magazine: 7

High Impact, Low RoF, High range

Exotic Perk: Heat Transmission: When a bullet hits an enemy, it will automaticaly lunge itself to a close secondary target, dealing reduced damage. Precision shots cause the bullet to seek the head of the secondary target.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Firefly: Precision kills with this weapon cause the enemy to explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

The Abacus – Exotic Scout Rifle

"One, two, three… Continue ad infinitum"

Bullets per magazine: 21

High RoF, Low Impact, High Stability

Exotic Perk: The Sequence: Each precision hit will slightly increase the damage of the next precision hit. Bodyshots will restart the sequence, but will refund half of the fired bullets.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Triple Tap: Rapidly landing three precision shots will refund a bullet.

The Inverse Flux – Exotic Void Pulse Rifle

"…an endless cycle, which appearently alters the flow of time around itself, which indicates that the weapon can cause…"

Bullets in the magazine: 33

Medium Impact, Low RoF, Medium Stability.

Exotic Perk: Time flux: This weapon fires faster and more accurately the less bullets it has on the magazine. This weapon deals extra damage to the Vex.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Conflux: Kills with this weapon will greatly increase the handling speed for a few seconds. The first burst fired will slow the enemy for 2 seconds.

Caesar's Demise – Exotic Auto Rifle

"Sic Semper Tyrannis"

Bullets in the magazine: 25

High Damage, Low RoF, Medium Stability.

Exotic Perk: Emperor's Fall: This weapon deals more damage the more health the enemy has. This weapon deals more damage to the Cabal.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Focused Fire: When aimed downsight, this weapon fires slower, but deals more damage.

Special Weapons

The Nebulizer – Exotic Void Sidearm

"In SIVA we trust" – Translation of the Fallen symbols under the barrell

Bullets in the magazine: 5

Bullets in reserve: 20

Very Low RoF, Low Damage, High Stability, High Range.

Exotic Perk: SIVA Engineering: This weapon cannot deal precision damage. This gun fires rounds filled with SIVA nanites. When the rounds hit a target, they will infect them with nanites, causing them to receive 7% more damage from all sources. This effect can stack up to three times, and lasts for 6 seconds.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Light Alloys: This weapon can be drawn and holstered and an increased speed.

The Eye Drop – Exotic Arc Sniper Rifle.

This weapon is covered in a special magnetic field, which allows it to hold a small electrical charge in stasis, which can be expanded to form plasma bullets

Bullets in the magazine: 5

Bullets in reserve: 10

Low RoF, Low Damage, High Stability, Very High Aim Assist.

Exotic Perk: Plasma Flash: Enemies hit by this weapon will blinded for 3 seconds. Precision hits won't deal extra damage, but instead double the duration of the blinding effect.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Negative Charge: Blinded enemies take extra damage from all sources.

The Retribution – Exotic Void Shotgun.

"Each lash they inflict uppon me feeds the anger that dwells in my soul…" – Forgotten passage of the Books of Pain

Rounds per clip: 4

Medium Impact, High Stability, Medium Range.

Exotic Perk: Anger: When low on health, this weapon handles incredibly fast. When you reach critical health, this weapon will produce one bonus round in the reserves.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Payback: Enemies that bring your health to critical levels will take extra samage from this weapon.

The Dynamo – Exotic Arc Fusion Rifle.

Initial tests failed to indicate how the energy cells of this weapon are capable to produce energy the way they do. The Golden Age is a mystery, even today…

Rounds on the magazine: 4

Medium Impact, Medium Stability, Very Low Range.

Exotic Perk: Perpetuum Energy: When this weapon has no ammo left, you can hold ▢ (X) for 4 seconds to produce and load one extra round directly to the magazine.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Infinite Voltage: The bonus round from Perpetuum Energy will deal extra damage. Killing an enemy with the bonus shot has a chance to refund it.

Heavy Wepons

Alternative Facts – Exotic Arc Rocket Launcher

"There are always two sides of each argument. You may not be able to handle the truth, but there is always other options."

Rockets in the magazine: 1

Rockets in reserve: 4

Very High Speed.

Exotic Perk: Truthseeker: Rockets fired from this weapon that don't hit an enemy, will stick to the surface they collide, and enter a rest mode. If an enemy gets close to the rocket, it will cause them to explode, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

Secondary Exotic Perk: Collapsing Argument: Rockets that land near of each other will link. Detonating one rocket, will cause all nearby rockets to detonate aswell, creating a bigger explosion radius.

And that's all for today, guys! Feel free to post you opinions. Remember that these are just concepts I made for fun, and are in no way properly balanced. I hope you enjoyed them, and see you next time!

  • Kraony

EDIT: If you are going to downvote me, at least try to give feedback, lol.

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