A few changes that would make the player feel more in control of The Morrigan

  • Currently, channelling Deadly Aspects makes you unable to use Relics, this means that anything that needs to be done reactionary can't be done (besides Aegis at the start of the channel, other relics can't be used during the start-up animation). However for you to utilize Deadly Aspects you need to get close up, if they decide to CC or Burst you there's nothing you can do to act back. The ability limits you what you can do when it comes to using relics and other abilities.

  • Deadly Aspects is one of the loudest abilities I've ever heard, and unless your confusion is at level 5, you're not going to be able to channel it out of the enemies hearing range. Unlike a loki, who can do his 3 right behind the enemy (I know, you should AA cancel it anyways), you have to wait a second before you can use it, instantly revealing your location and leaving you wide open for the enemy to retaliate.

  • A somewhat more important point is her escape, or her lack of it, even when they are not trying to counter you. It happened to me countless of times that I instantly turn visible without any clear explanation, no DoT, no Mystical Mail or stray player projectile, until I check the T screen and see Archer damage. Any homing projectile will cause you to lose your movement speed, now I understand when this happens with players and structures, but a simple archer shot which is unavoidable in a lot of circumstances doesn't really make you feel like you're in control. It feels like this should get something compared to the Izanami 3 change, where you don't become visible as soon as you end your dash if minions where on you. Minion and Jungle Buff monster Projectile should not make you visible, this would allow more control of your character when it comes to escapes or outplaying your enemy. Counter Mechanics such as Mail and DoT should still work.

  • The Clone from Confusion should have a slightly bigger hitbox than you, it happens often enough that projectile hit you in your back, even though the clone is supposed to be behind you (you're faster). If a projectile were to hit you in your back, the projectile should always hit the clone behind you.

  • Changeling, besides the bugs, also has some weird issue where during the end, you get thrown out of the back of your character, throwing you a feet or 2 back. It similar to when you blink, and there's this window where you can't use abilities, but in this case your character also goes backwards. The changing itself doesn't throw you backwards, but does drop you on your place in case of some characters, again the same with Blink, which for as I know is out of necessity. However, getting thrown out at the end of it makes no sense, it makes your HP jitter, you unable to cast abilities and move you closer to the enemy without the ability to react. It makes the transition from god to god strange, distracting you from fights and disorientating you due to the lack of response from your kit.

  • And as a less important note, make changeling more consistent. Sure Ults and Channelled abilities should continue until the end, but why can Awilix stay on her Cat until jumping, whilst Dragon Fafnir can get changed back (but if you're channelling the ending animation you will go through with it). I am guessing this is an oversight, but keep it consistent. As more gods get added, it going to be hard to keep track of every interaction between The Morrigan and abilities.

Between these changes and her bugs, she's an amazing character that rewards good team drafts and team synergy, allowing you to change a match on a whim whether behind or ahead. She is a bold move away from your standard comfortable design choices and a great addition to the game if ultimately fixed.

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