A few beginner questions

Hey guys. Since I already got spoilered just looking at the front page for the first time I kind of want to avoid browsing through the sub too much. I hope this is understandable and maybe someone will find the time and patience to help me with some of my issues.

I played Bloodbourne and DS3, so I am at least kind of familiar to how this kind of game/genre works. NIOH kind of overwhelms me with information and looking back at my souls experience its better to clearify things early to keep the damage caused by "stupid me"-thing at a minimum.

1) First and most important: Is there any way to reset the points put into stats or weapon abilities? As a new player I had no clue where to put my stats so I just invested them into strenght and health, but I am pretty sure later I'd like to refine that. If there is a way, where and how often can I do this?

2) So with that out of the way… What is gold used for? Is there a shop or anything where I can buy arrows(I always run out of arrows). so far I only discovered that the weapon smith needs some but thing usually only cost a few thousand and I already got almost 100k after the first like 4 missions. Is the game just giving you way more gold than you need? Or should I save that for later?

3) My next question is: At the kodama-shrine I get the option to "Release a Kodama"(i hope i translated that correctly). Why should I do that? And is there a way to re-take release Kodama? (I want the trophy for collecting them all).

4) Is there a way to "activate" shrine without actually praying? In every mission so far I had to choose between "activate the shrine but respawn everything behind you" and "leave it but risk getting killed an force to do everything all over again". Is this intended to be that way or can I somehow active the checkpoints without healing myself/respawning stuff?

5) When does the game save? I know at the map-screen there is an Option "Press Triangle to save" but when does it save during the missions? Sometimes I have to leave rather quick and I dont want to leave the PS4 running for like 3 hours just to not risk losing my progress. I guess it saves when you get to a shrine but is that correct?

6) How do I get skillpoints for ninja skills? I get that I get weapon skills for just fighting (at least it seems to be this) but I already threw like 50 shuriken at enemies and never got a skillpoint. I am currently at the third main mission (Spoiler), maybe am just too early in the game for that?

7) Do elixir replenish every time I visit the shrine? Or do I have to buy/drop them off creatures? (It seems that they replenish at the shrine but I am not sure if this is just because the game automatically takes it from my stash?)

8) I get a lot of titles for basically doing anything. Is there a way to "equip" them or is that just to gather those points that increase some stats my like 0.5%?

Thank you for reading and thank you for anyone that takes time to answer!

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