A Discord bot For Warcraft Players – By a warcraft player

TL:DR – Here is a discord bot made for the WoW Community in mind. Includes Keystone tracking, World boss info and schedule, Affix Schedules. Also includes quick links to Warcraft class guides and class discord servers. Has most traditional bot features such as mod commands, audio commands, etc.

PS: This is the first time I have given full public access to this bot, it has been running for some time now. Me and a group of friends have done a mini-stress test, and bug testing / QA session and cleaned up any issues we found. I will be monitoring the bot through the night tonight closely and fixing any issues as they come up. Tomorrow Morning the bot will be moved to a REAL dedicated server machine.

Update: Its midnight now, and a few users have kindly pointed out a few things that i have taken note of and changed to be more user friendly! Only 2 crashes and the causes have been fixed. I have received a bunch of encouragement and kind words from a variety of people, and for that i thank all of you! I will be back to the grindstone tommorow working on new and fun features to bring to the bot!

PSS: Why the name sharpie? Cause im bad at naming things 😛 My druid is called druidthing. I will probably make a poll for a new name later.

Add the bot: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=203510181718523904&scope=bot&permissions=0

Official Server: https://discord.gg/SB4r37v – Trial the bot out, ask questions, give suggestions

Warcraft Specific Features:

-Keystone tracker

-List of Affix’s and dynamically updated schedule

-What world boss is up this week? When will a certain boss be up? Boss schedule

-Quick links to Wow Class guides and Class discords

General Features:

-Audio (You can restrict who can use it)

-General Mod commands (Kick/Ban/Prune messages)

-Random number generator


Coming Soon:

-More additions to the audio system

-Admin update

-(Weekly reports from the bot as to what changed) -(Advanced moderation logging) -(Spam and profanity Filter) -(Bot action logging) 

-Trivia Update

-(Trivia and gameshow modes) 

Warcraft V2 (Sooner then you think)

-(Link characters to your discord user with Authentication) -(Auto-kick players from you discord who aren’t a registered guild member, after a set amount of time (Pruning of non guild members)) -(Support for your ALT’s keystones in the tracker) 

Additional info & Privacy Notice:

This bot complies with all of discord’s TOS, that includes the fact that it does not log messages or user information in any way shape or form. The only information is stored for a given server is per-server bot configuration settings.

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