A day in the life of an Orochi Main

I woke up in the morning and I jumped out of bed. As usual, I did three backflips in the process, hitting my toe on the corner of my bed. I immediately ran downstairs to avoid the bed, I sure showed him.

Mom made toast, I hate toast, so I shouted at her in Japanese. She looked at me with a frowned face, I could tell I had defeated her, as I always do.

I decided to walk to school, so I put my arms behind me, leaned forward, and ran. Using my superior balance and speed I was able to make a detour on the way. I saw my friend, Kensei, beating up on a new student. The new kid was about to be done for so I knew I should come in to help Kensei. I jump in and kick the new kid in the face right before Kensei hits him with his orange foam sword but to my shock the new kid rages out and punches my friend in the face! He knocked out Kensei in one hit so I obviously left, Kensei should have beaten him before he could rage out, fucking noob friends.

I finally get to school and the teacher approaches me. Before he can say anything I immedately jump back and throw my hand behind my back. There is no way he can know what I'm about to do. I sprint forward and draw my pencil, clearly about to strike down the aggressive teacher. But to my shock, he somehow blocks my glorious nipon pencil and backhands me, telling me to see the principle. Fucking Ubisoft, if they hadn't taken away my true power from Alpha, my teacher would know his place. I refuse to go and immediately flee the room.

After a long day of avoiding all my teachers by running away, I get home. Finally! I can hop on For Honor and show people my true strength.

I log in:

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