A day in the life of a Kensei Main

I woke up early in the morning, rising up from my futon with my moustache ruffled wildly from my sleep. It is 6:00 AM, an hour early before work as per usual. I firstly combed down my moustache, such so that I will not dishonor my family, before I take my 1-million-times folded Nippon Steel Nodachi and headed downstairs to meet my Kazōku. I bumped with my son, Orochi, who quickly deflected me before proceeding to punch me in my gut and throw a smoke bomb underneath my feet. Before I could shout at his for such dishonor he has already ran away.

I take my time rising up, as I was also praying to the wooden floor beneath me and the remains of the smoke bomb for forgiveness and good luck before I continued downstairs. Orochi will be taught discipline sooner or later with my orange-flaming Downward slashes.

I soon meet my Kodomo in the kitchen, all eating their breakfast. Firstly my two sons, Orochi, the youngest, who flees from his dish after the first bite. After which he starts taking multiple condiments around him before sounding his victory over his meal. Then there was my second son and the oldest, Shugoki. Once again he had a large meal of Chankonabe with a side of Tonkatsu. He quickly eats his meal, unfazed of the heat at the beginning but he was too quick for his second bite and reels back from it. After which he steamrolls his Tonkatsu by crushing it overhead it his arms before throwing it all into his mouth. He eats it all without ever so much as removes his mask.

Then there was my daughter, Nobushi. The middle-child but tries her best at being noticed. She eats the loudest of everyone and does so at a distance with her long Naginata chopsticks which made her Ramen bowl bleed its soup.

After giving everyone a smack of my weapon's pommel, I sent them over to their school. I, too, head over to my work quickly afterwards.

While on my way, I met an old Warlord trying to pass the through the road but there are too many Lawbringers in the way. So naturally, I carried him through the traffic. Thanks to my iron lungs I could keep running even after I've lost breath, and I also precision shot running by Peacemakers in case they try to steal from this old man. I finish helping him, but unfortunately my appearance shook the man, making him let go of his shield and sword.

I was able to get to work but I was 5 seconds late. It was terrible, and such a fate can only be forgiven through Hara-Kiri. But before I could I was bashed off into the stairs by my co-worker Warden's shoulder, and so I was forced to amend by failures by facing him head-on. Even when I faced defeat, I did not run away. For doing such is DISHONORABLE! Many others began joining me in battle, but I am able to handle it. We Samurai may be outnumbered, but we are trained to fight for 10 men!

While in my battle I faced off against my good friend Raider who, while carrying me all around the workplace, spoke about his son's victory over mine. This will surely teach my son a lesson. I told him his son was "Outstanding!" much like his Legendary father, before proceeding to perform my guard-break throw to a nearby wall and following up with another of my orange-flaming downward slashes.

After battling my coworkers for 5 hours, I return home my honor restored and have even taken control of the Knight's workplaces, but before reaching home I first made a visit to the Ubisoft Shrine to give prayers for honorable opponents and no disconnection errors in the future.

My friend Warden, whose space was taken by my people, decided to joined me and my Kazōku for dinner, saying, "Desu Vult!" to pay me respects.

So, naturally, I smacked his face with my Nodachi's Pommel. Though I couldn't throw it to end him rightly, I was able to bring down a welcoming orange-flaming downward slash to his helmet.

He was very honorable and greeted it well with a crushing counterattack of his own, and I bow at him for his honorable display.

It was a good day. Although me and my family are long away from our true home, we have found our new home here.

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